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Kitchen Remodeling Checklist Phone: 914-363-0488

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1 Kitchen Remodeling Checklist Phone: 914-363-0488 E-Mail:

2 Kitchen remodeling is a big project and a lot of factors play into kitchen design. Kitchen remodeling Before starting the renovation, reflect on why you’re remodeling and what you really need. In order to make sure that the purpose of your project is accomplished, you need to prepare a checklist.

3 Kitchen Remodeling Checklist Budget: Assess how much you can afford to pay for all the renovation works, products etc. A well planned budget is the key to work within the budget and avoid unseen expenditures. Design: Think of or create the design you would want to achieve. You can get help from a professional while doing this. Layout: Have the professional create a layout for your kitchen. Appliances: Note the make and model of what you would want if your kitchen renovation includes upgrading your appliances.

4 Electrical: A professional, licensed electrician can help you in rewiring or additional wiring. Make a list of the following: – Subpanel – Electrical Outlets – Light Switches – Dimmers

5 Lighting: The kitchen is the center of many different tasks and one type of lighting is not usually sufficient. You will need to include general and specific lighting. Make sure you have the following pointers for lighting: – Light Fixtures – Under Cabinet Lighting

6 Plumbing: If you need to upgrade or relocate your plumbing, make sure you hire a licensed plumber to do the work. Paint: When it comes to painting, make a point to decide on brand and color. Doors: If you need a new door think of : – Number of doors – Sizes – Make and model

7 Cabinets: Include in your checklist the following to make sure that everything about cabinets is settled. – Custom, Semi-Custom, or In-stock – Material – Stain or Color – Door Style – Drawer Type – Hardware

8 Countertops: Include the following pointers to make sure you have the best countertops. – Material – Edge style – Backsplash type Sinks: Whether your sink is under mount or flush mount, be sure the counters will fit neatly around them.

9 Home Remodeling Contractors in NY Woodstone Builder Inc. is a full-service custom home remodeling contractor based in Westchester and White Plains, NY.home remodeling contractor We are known for our firm and accurate estimates and reasonable prices.

10 Contact Us Woodstone Builder Inc., Kitchen Remodeling Service, NY Add: 1214 West Boston Post Road, Suite 249 Mamaroneck, NY 10543 Tel:914-363-0488 Fax: 845-855-5400 E-Mail:

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