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Lesson Planning. Make a template for use throughout the semester Name: Grade Level: School: Date: Time:

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1 Lesson Planning

2 Make a template for use throughout the semester Name: Grade Level: School: Date: Time:

3 Reflection from the last lesson What did you like about your lesson? Are there changes you would have made if you would do this lesson again? What did you learn about your students? What are your observations? What did you learn from the last lesson to improve the new lesson plan?

4 Background, Context, and Purpose

5 Lesson Goals International Reading Association Standards Can be found on WebCT under lesson plans and on the textbook website

6 Lesson Objectives South Dakota Reading and Language Arts Standards What is a student at that grade level expected to be able to do? What can you do in your lesson to support those skills?

7 Lesson Objectives Select: 1 or 2 from reading 1 or 2 from writing 1 from speaking 1 from listening 1 from visualizing/(representation) These can carry over to other lesson Can you measure students progress?

8 Materials and Resources Needed:

9 The Lesson Teacher needs to remember: Appropriate selection of text Before reading, during reading and after reading Have I provided a balanced approach? Every lesson needs reading and writing

10 Introduction Getting attention Relating to past experience &/or knowledge Creating a need to know Sharing objectives, in general terms

11 Introduction First class period is always different Environment For reading plan a picture book at all levels Your goal is to see if students can: Read Write Talk

12 Introduction of Hank the Cowdog (introducing the book) I want you to close your eyes and think of a dog on a ranch ….(Getting attention) How many of you have had a dog? Was you dog like the ranch dog you pictures in your mind? (Relating to past experience &/or knowledge) After reading the first chapter, I would like you to compare your ideas of a ranch dog with the main character Hank. (Creating a need to know) Today we are looking at how to compare and contrast character as we read. (Sharing objectives, in general terms)

13 Introduction of Hank the Cowdog (after the book has been started) What do you know about buzzards? (Relating to past experience &/or knowledge) I have a picture of a buzzard. (Getting attention) Notice how the author uses dialog to help us learn about the characters. (Sharing objectives, in general terms) At the end of the chapter I will be asking you to describe the two buzzards. (Creating a need to know)

14 The Lesson 2:00-2:03Meet, greet and settle students in for lesson 2:03-2:10Introduction-before reading 2:10-2:20Read – during reading Writing activity 2:20-2:27Writing activity-game-after reading 2:27-2:30Closure (always the same)

15 Methods after the introduction (core of the lesson) Minimum of 5 activities Vary your delivery of the lesson Try new strategies There should be reading and writing each week Describe your activities so a substitute teacher could complete the lesson No worksheets

16 Closure Recipe card to each of your students Always ask the same questions: What did you learn today? What did you like best about the lesson?

17 Assessment What was my state standard/ what were my objectives? Where in my lesson did I have the students demonstrate that they knew the material? How will I document they knew a specific skill?

18 Assessment When student shows evidence of skill mastery date the spreadsheet. JerryAlicePete Specific reading standard Specific writing standard Specific speaking standard

19 Back Pocket Idea Always be prepared!

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