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Middle Manager Development Colin Blair Lean Programme Manager NHS Lanarkshire.

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1 Middle Manager Development Colin Blair Lean Programme Manager NHS Lanarkshire

2 NHS Lanarkshire Lean Transformation Community Lean Advocates – Lean aware staff making small improvements to local working environment / practices Lean Champions – Lean trained staff owning improvements & sustainability programmes in own division Process Owners / Sponsors – owning and sponsoring change efforts Lean Leaders – leading major change projects Programme Manager NHS Lanarkshire Lean Transformation Community

3 Programme Roles Project/Program Champions: Senior executive who promotes the program and uses their influence to help project teams Process Owner: Manager whose team is most directly aligned to the scope of the project. Responsible for implementation of changes, publishing results identifying new ways to improve the staff/patient experience. Lean / Improvement Leaders: Full time project managers trained in process improvement using Lean, CAP, and Workout Project Participants: Subject matter experts who can pinpoint problems and generate solutions in the area being improved. Usually these are people actually doing the process (rather than managers) plus specialists from supporting services such as IT, finance, HR etc. Steering Group: Executive team setting the direction of the program. Project Sponsor: Senior manager who defines the scope of an improvement project, provides resources, and is accountable for its success. May be the same person as the Process Owner. Reinforcing Sponsor: Senior manager who reinforces the change at the local level.

4 The Project Framework Preparation work (Including Training) VSM Kaizen (incl. logistics) Sustainability Project Timeline Set Goals & Objectives Agree scope & milestones Release project team resource Communicate kick-off Accessible Regular updates & feedback Attend formal report outs Share the vision with peers Overcome roadblocks / conflicts Advocate Attend formal report outs Release required resource Visible support Overcome roadblocks Reward success Accountability to own changes (process owners) Commit to attending update milestones Reward Success Communicate success to wider audience

5 As a Process Owner I will: Process Owner Charter Serve as a Sponsor to projects within my operational area of work, Be responsible for all CI events occurring within my operational area of work, Help to co-ordinate the overall change programme Champion the projects & improvement events Be a sanity check on level of change activity Manage the balance of CI and BAU Ensure change opportunities are appropriately prioritised and worked thru in a structured way Take ongoing ownership of the improved processes Take the decision to close projects if necessary

6 One size does not fit all Just Do It General Discussion with stakeholders 1 Day workshop Full Scale Project Role applies to all change initiatives whatever the size

7 Process Owner Development: Purpose Develop an evidence based approach to change Develop the principles and understanding of patient based VS and VSM Develop performance management across the VS Create a data driven culture Create a operational/quality dashboard to enable understanding of KPIs and their performance and expose variation within the process Promote the embedding of hospital as a system - LOG Joint managerial working and clinical ownership of VS Equip them with the tools to enable the above (WO, kaizen, programme)

8 Process Owner Development Know your process (and your footprint) – data, CTQs, targets, VoC Critical to Quality – what few measures are critical to quality, both for the patients and the organisation e.g. processing time, safety, accuracy….. Dashboards – understand at a glance how CTQs are performing Lean Operations Groups Work out skills

9 Steps Step 1 – Executive sponsor clarifies roles and responsibilities, work through how this works in practice - 1/2 day Step 2 – VSM training (include IM) – ½ day Step 3 – Create/map key value stream(s) – 4 weeks Step 4 – Report back on VSM and identify data/ data gaps – output, create dashboard (4 weeks) Step 5 – CSI Step 6 – WO training

10 Top Down Bottom Up From…From……To…To A more responsive organization  Directing  Controlling  Decision Making  Change Initiating  “Turf”  Guiding  Leading  Communicating Vision  Developing Strategy  Group Decision Making  Disciplined Problem Solving  Change Initiation  Empowered Cross Functional Teams & Individuals

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