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Age of Chivalry Chapter 13 Section 3.

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1 Age of Chivalry Chapter 13 Section 3

2 New Technology Leather saddles & stirrups – through contact with Muslims in Battle of Tours Knights on horseback became most important part of army

3 Knight’s Role Fought to defend the territory of their feudal lord
Rewarded with land (fiefs) Weapons & armor were $$$ - had to afford to be a knight Knight’s main obligation was to serve in battle Only 40 days of the year in combat!

4 Knighthood & Chivalry Code of Chivalry – ideals demanded of a knight
Be loyal to his feudal lord, obey God, and be nice to the ladies Protected the weak & poor Brave, courteous

5 Age of Chivalry? Some took it seriously, others didn’t. It tended to break down especially towards the later Middle Ages. The Middle Ages wasn’t a time of fairy tale castles and noble, honorable knights. It was a nasty time of political intrigue, bloody wars, and brutish men exercising their limited power in order to gain more power. Just like any other time.

6 Training The prospective knight went through three stages: Page
- Younger years (age 7) - Assistant to squire & Lord 2) Squire (age 14) - Was Robin to a knight’s Batman - Took care of knight’s equipment

7 3) Knight (age 21) - When he becomes a full-fledged soldier who officially enters into a feudal arrangement with a lord.

8 Tournaments

9 Literature of Chivalry
Themes = idealized castle life, glorified knighthood, knight’s undying love for lady The Song of Roland – famous epic poem Praised French soldiers killed in battle Troubadours – traveling poet-musicians Eleanor of Aquitaine

10 Roles of Women Noblewomen - Inherit estate
- Send knights to war, defend castle - Still limited, confined lives Peasant women - Endless labor in home & fields - No education

11 Enough about chivalry…
What about the weapons and warfare?

12 Plate Armor

13 Triangular shields meant to repel blows.
“Coat of Arms” – symbols to represent family, manor

14 Crossbows & Longbows

15 Siege Weapons Siege Tower Battering Ram Trebuchet Mantlet

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