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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration User Group Presentation – Release 2.10 October 5, 2006.

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1 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration User Group Presentation – Release 2.10 October 5, 2006

2 Page 2 Overview – Release 2.10 Highlights  GLOBAL CHANGES Funding amount fields include cents SAC Report display problem fixed – system will replace double- quotes with single quotes (No screen shot in presentation) Recipient acceptance date displayed in workflow history Sorts work only on the displayed page (not across all pages) – for Inbox, Award Search, and all Launch Pages  INBOX Tab – Manage Workflow Tasks Feature available to delegates Feature available to FPOs to reassign within their own Program Offices  RFA Tab Priorities can be re-ordered FPOs can add and remove attachments when they have a task; RFA publisher can add attachments at any time but cannot delete attachments  APPLICATION Tab FPOs can modify data in the application screen during “Minimum Requirements Check” and “Conduct Negotiations” for Non- competitive as well as Competitive applications. (No screen shot in presentation)

3 Page 3 Overview – Release 2.10 Continued  APPLICATION Tab cont. During “Conduct Negotiations” FPOs can add a Recipient Authorized Representative to the database. This will not create an account for that person. ALERT: When selecting a current Authorized Rep, be sure they have an email address. “Save” button added to ACCS lines subpage of the PRCF details screen; pre-filled zeros on Org code  AWARD Tab Action links removed for everyone – moved to Grants File dropdown (see availability chart) “Type” column in order Recipient acceptance displayed on CD-450 as well as CD-451 FPOs can reject an AAR. Notifications are sent to the FPO and to the recipient. Recipient Authorized Representatives can withdraw an AAR that they don’t want to send to NOAA. No notifications are sent out. Grants Officers will not be able to approve an amendment until the original award has been accepted by the recipient (No screen shot in presentation) New features on the “Search Financial and Progress Reports” page

4 Page 4 Announcement – System Downtime is transitioning its support contract from Northrup Grumman to Anteon. In order to accomplish this transition there will be two sets of activities that will require system downtime as follows: 1.Production System Power Down and Power Up Test: Sunday, October 8 th 10:00am – 6:00pm Eastern Time 2.Complete Test and Production System Move: Saturday, October 14 th 8:00am – Monday, October 16 th 6:00am Eastern Time

5 Page 5 GLOBAL CHANGE: Funding fields include cents

6 Page 6 GLOBAL CHANGE: Recipient Acceptance in Workflow History

7 Page 7 GLOBAL CHANGE: Sort Feature Differences

8 Page 8 INBOX Tab: Manage Workflow Tasks – Available to Federal Program Officers and Delegates

9 Page 9 RFA Tab: Priorities can be reordered

10 Page 10 RFA Tab: Attachments

11 Page 11 APPLICATION Tab: Adding a new Authorized Representative

12 Page 12 APPLICATION Tab: Adding a current Authorized Representative – Get Email Address!

13 Page 13 APPLICATION Tab: ACCS Screen Upgrade

14 Page 14 AWARD Tab: Action Links Removed from Award Search Results – Now on Grants File Dropdown

15 Page 15 AWARD Tab: Grants File Dropdown Options

16 Page 16 AWARD Tab: “Type” Column Order

17 Page 17 AWARD Tab: Recipient Acceptance on CD-450

18 Page 18 AWARD Tab: Federal Program Officers can Reject an AAR

19 Page 19 AWARD Tab: Authorized Representatives can Withdraw an AAR

20 Page 20 AWARD TAB: Search Reports Upgrade

21 Page 21 AWARD TAB: Search Reports Upgrade Sample 1 Sample2

22 Page 22 Additional Resources   (301) 713-1000 (877) 662-2478 (1-877-NOAAGRT)  Grants Online PMO Website at to Access: Grants Online Training/Support Resources Frequently Asked Questions What’s New page

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