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Advanced Home Energy Efficiency & Solar Energy For New Construction & Major Renovations.

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1 Advanced Home Energy Efficiency & Solar Energy For New Construction & Major Renovations

2 1. Deep Energy Retrofit This is Wayne’s house before the retrofit. 120 years old Row house

3 Renovation of Wayne’s house EnerGuide rating before: 46 / 100 EnerGuide rating after: 73 / 100 Winter heat bill before: $800/yr Winter heat bill after: $200/yr Cost of renovation: ~$12,000 Received rebates: $3,900 Annual savings: $600 / year Immediate payback – more comfort



6 The insulated wall is now 14” thick (R-40) New window installed

7 Increased insulation New windows Air Barrier Many salvaged materials Pine clapboard




11 Another example: NOW House 60 Year Old Post-War Housing in Toronto, converted to near net zero energy.

12 Passive House in New Brunswick Naugler House

13 2. Passive House The most advanced standard for energy efficiency new home construction in the world. The one I visited is so well insulated, it doesn’t require a furnace. Examples – see video about Hawkins house and pictures of Naugler house.

14 What is different about the construction of a Passive House? Highly insulated Thicker walls Meticulously sealed Triple-glazed windows Dual wall construction to eliminate thermal bridging. Solar gain through windows is the main heat source (plus the appliances and people) Must have a heat recovery ventilator for ventilation.

15 Another Example: Hawkins House, NS

16 2. Passive House – similar concepts R-2000 Net Zero Home Equilibrium Housing Passive Solar Design EnerGuide for Houses ratings above 88 1000 Home Challenge

17 2. Passive House – Resources Solar Nova Scotia: Canadian Passive House Institute: Natalie Leonard: Passive House E-Design NOW House – Toronto – Naugler House – Fredericton –

18 2. Heat Pumps Ground Source Air Source

19 Ground Source Heat Pumps

20 Air Source Heat Pumps

21 3. Solar Energy Solar Hot Water Solar Electricity

22 Solar water heater provides a portion of the energy for hot water year round.

23 Solar Power in Ship Harbour, NS The Deanery Project Solar electricity can be connected to the grid now, or used off-grid.

24 Solar Resources Solar NS – Book, solar courses, website Solar City Efficiency Nova Scotia Solar Rebates

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