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A Hero’s Journey Transformers

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1 A Hero’s Journey Transformers
By Daniel Towey

2 Departure(Separation)
This starts the Hero’s Journey off with main points like his Ordinary World, Call to Adventure, Supernatural Aid, Crossing the Threshold, and In the Belly of the Whale which are all huge parts in making a Hero’s Journey.

3 Ordinary World The Ordinary World is the Characters world before the story begins. Sam Whitwicky is a normal Teenage guy who just brought up his grades to get his first car like any other normal teenager. But what he doesn’t know about the car is going to change his Ordinary World.

4 Call to Adventure The hero is presented with a problem, challenge or adventure Sam gets the New Car and drives it around. But at night he hears it start and it drives off. Sam thinks its being stolen so he chases after it.

5 Supernatural Aid Supernatural Aid is help from a mentor or an item that will help the character through his Journey. Sam has met up with his friend Mikaela which is one of his Supernatural Aids. Another one is when Sam chases down his car a giant machine/cop car attacks him. In response his New Car defends him and also turns into a giant machine. This machine saves Sam and Mikaela and become one of Sam’s biggest Supernatural Aid’s.

6 Crossing the Threshold
Crossing the Threshold The hero crosses the ordinary world and goes into the special world. Sam allies himself with his car which is known as Bumble Bee and is introduced into a group of alien machines named the Autobots. Meeting all these aliens changes Sam’s Ordinary World and things change for him. Sam then goes to fight the Decepticons with his new allies the Autobots.

7 Initiation These are parts of the story that make the Hero or main character become a Hero or are ways of showing he is becoming a Hero.

8 The Road of Trials The hero finds parts of himself he was unaware of and assimilates his unexpected self. Sam is attacked by a huge machine called a Decepticon and realizes he is part of a huge ordeal going on in the universe and that he needs to help set it right. Sam must survive several attacks from the Decepticons and he also has to avoid the Special Services who are trying to track him down.

9 The Meeting with the Goddess
The meeting with Goddess helps the Hero decide which route to take and what is good and bad. Sam is introduced to the Autobots and their leader Optimus Prime. Optimus informs Sam about the Robot war and how the Decepticons are evil. With this Sam decides to help the Autobots with their problem and Sam takes the hard path which is the good path.

10 Meeting with the Temptress
The hero is misled into giving up or told to give up. Sam is finally caught by the Special Services and is told what is going on is much bigger then him and he doesn’t need to be part of it anymore. They are telling him to go away and leave it to them.

11 Atonement with Father Father symbolizes judgment; the hero overcomes fear, judgment, and mental blocks that may have been holding him/her back. Sam overcomes his fear of the Decepticons and doesn’t do what the Special forces tell him to do. He wants to fight alongside the Autobots and isn't afraid of his enemies anymore.

12 Apotheosis Hero recognizes the "big picture" (spiritual understanding can be known). The hero finally understands why he/she has been on his/her journey. The journey is not over, but the hero understands what it takes to return. Sam realizes what the Big Picture of this battle is and why all these Robots are on Earth. Its because of his relativity of his Great Grandpa. On his Grandpas old Glasses is an inscriptive code to find the Robots Treasure the All Spark that Sam finds out about. Sam realizes that he needs those glasses to save the world from the Decepticons and fine the All Spark before them.

13 The Ultimate Boon The hero receives the prize that he/she has been after. Sam finds the Glasses which lead to the All Spark. Sam and the Autobots go to Hoover Dam where it is located and have a mission accomplished and retrieve the treasured All Spark

14 Return These are the parts when the hero tries to get back to safety or his Ordinary World but as a changed person.

15 Magic in Flight The hero has his reward, now he must return to safety. There may be forces still working against him/her (possibly trying to get the treasure back that the hero has taken). A "chase" ensues. Sam and the Autobots have the All Spark and are trying to return to safety to destroy it but the Decepticons are chasing them to recover the All Spark and use it for themselves. Sam and the Autobots are in a dead lock race against time to get away from the Decepticons.

16 Rescue from Without The world may have to come to retrieve the hero.
Sam is attacked by the Decepticons and Megatron the leader of their group. Sam faces certain death until the Autobots save him and the Special Services show up with the military to defend against the Decepticons.

17 Crossing the Return Threshold
The hero conquers the difficulty in returning, showing that he/she is able to adapt. Sam in order to Return to his world has to destroy the Decepticons somehow. He makes a courageous act and jumps straight toward Megatron and thrusts the All Spark into his chest obliterating the evil machine. Sam was able to adapt and be courageous to ensure the safety of himself, his friends/family, and the world

18 Master of Two Worlds The boon that the hero brings restores the world.
Sam destroys the All Spark and the Decepticons restoring normality and order to his world. Sam figured out how to destroy the evil and save the good.

19 Freedom to Live The hero has changed and defeated the evil that opposed him and others. Sam has defeated all the evil threatening him and his world and is able to live his life peacefully. His journey is over and he is finally able to relax.

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