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Chapter 5 Memos & Tabs.

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1 Chapter 5 Memos & Tabs

2 Memorandum (memo) – a type of business document to communicate with members inside of an organization Parts of a memo: 1. Headings – the text TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT located at the top of the memo 2. Variable headings – the text that follows the headings (TO, FROM, DATE, SUBJECT) that changes from memo to memo

3 3. Body paragraphs – the main section of the memo which explains the reason of the memo
4. Reference initials – located at the bottom of the memo which indicates the typist’s initials Standard format of a memo: Margins: Top = 2” Bottom = 1” Left = 1” Right = 1”

4 Spacing: between headings: double-spaced between paragraphs: double-spaced between lines of paragraphs: single-spaced Paragraphs are not indented Variable headings are aligned Tabs – feature of word to line up text created using the TAB key tab formatting mark  default tabs every .5”

5 Phrase: “Tabs are part of paragraph formatting”
Phrase: “Tabs are part of paragraph formatting”. This means that you must select the paragraphs that you want the tabs to affect. 5 kinds of tabs: 1. Left – text is left-aligned at tab Example: variable headings in a memo 2. Center – text is centered over the tab Example: column headings 3. Right – text is right-aligned at the tab Example: date at right margin, phone numbers, table of contents

6 4. Decimal – text is aligned at the decimal character
Example: numbers 5. Bar – inserts a vertical line at the tab stop and aligns text to the right of the line

7 Tab stop – text-alignment icons positioned on the horizontal ruler that indicate where text should align When you press the ENTER KEY to create a new line, Word remembers the tab stops from the previous line To get exact measurements on the ruler for tab stops, use the ALT key. Tab leader – dashed or dotted lines you can add to a tab to provide a visual guide for the reader ______ ………

8 To create custom tabs:   Using the ruler 1. change the tab alignment button to the desired tab 2. click in the horizontal ruler to place tab at desired location

9 Using the tabs dialog box:
1. Go to Format, tabs 2. Enter a) desired placement in inches b) choose type of tab c) choose type of tab leader (if desired) d) click the Set button 3. Set rest of tabs as needed 4. Click OK To move tabs drag the tab stop to the new location

10 To remove tabs: Using the ruler: drag tab stop down off the ruler Using the tabs dialog box 1. Go to Format, Tabs 2. Select tab position 3. Click Clear OR use the Clear All button to clear all tabs

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