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1 Irony

2 Irony Definition: The difference between expectation and reality; reality is the opposite from what it seems.

3 Verbal Irony Definition: When someone knowingly exaggerates or says one thing and means another.

4 Example: Can you think of any verbal irony from the story “The Possibility of Evil”?

5 Situational Irony Definition: contrast between what a reader and/or character expects and what actually happens.

6 Examples When “The Sniper” realizes that his victim is actually his brother is it an example of situational or verbal irony? Explain.

7 Dramatic Irony Definition: The reader knows something the character does not know.

8 Example: Miss Strangeworth accidentally drops the letter which is picked up by someone and delivered. Then she goes home and continues on as normal. How is this an example of Dramatic Irony? In other words, what does the reader know that she does not? How does this help to build suspense?

9 Examples: At the end of “The necklace”, the main character learns that the diamond necklace is actually a fake. What kind of irony is this? Explain your answer. Verbal? Situational? Dramatic?

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