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MR. PEREZ ROOM 201 Welcome to Comprehensive Science 2, Advanced!

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1 MR. PEREZ ROOM 201 Welcome to Comprehensive Science 2, Advanced!

2 Welcome! In order to have a great year together, we need to go over some classroom rules and procedures. Why???  To ensure EVERYONE is respected and feels safe  To more efficiently run a classroom and maximize learning time

3 Entering the classroom Students should enter the classroom quietly and make their way to their assigned seat If I am/a teacher is NOT present in the room, students should wait quietly in the hall After finding your seat, prepare for class  Take out your binder and open it to your science section  Place homework in homework tray  Review for your quiz/test with a neighbor

4 When the bell rings… As soon as the bell rings, you have five minutes to review the previous night’s video homework/prepare for a test or quiz  There may be a SURPRISE quiz in order to check everyone has done their video watching homework! There should be NO talking or movement during this time…I use these five minutes to take attendance and chat with any student I may need to chat with

5 Tardiness You are tardy to class if you are not in your seat at the time the bell has rung. If you are tardy, you should not enter the room unless you have a tardy pass from either the office or your previous teacher Place your tardy pass on my desk, have a seat and wait for instructions.

6 During class… Stay on task and do not distract your neighbor with side-conversations. This causes confusion as to what is going on in the classroom. Stay in your seat at all times. If you need to throw garbage away, raise your hand and put up the peace sign. If I nod in your direction, you may stand up and throw away your garbage. If I shake my head “no”, you may not stand up and you should put your hand down.

7 Bathroom? If you need to use the restroom during class, raise your hand with a closed fist. Wait for my nod or head shake then…  Stand up quietly  Sign out at the bathroom log in the back of the room  Fill out a bathroom pass  Quietly ask me to sign it It is your responsibility to get any missing instruction while you are in the bathroom. If bathroom privileges are being abused, they will be revoked

8 Lectures/Class discussions Lectures and class discussions are a time for you to write notes and ask questions Notes should be written in an organized manner inside your science section of your binder If you have a question, please raise your hand and wait to be called upon  There is no need to scream “Mr. Perez” 50 times…I most likely heard you the first time, but ignored you. When discussing a topic, we should be respectful of one another’s ideas. Only one person should speaking at any time

9 Group work/activities I really enjoy group work and group activities…However, this usually creates a lot of noise and commotion… During group activities, noise levels should be kept at a whisper. There is no reason for any student to scream in order to communicate with their group. If noise levels become an issue, the group activity will be stopped and we will move on to the next topic of discussion.

10 Dismissal bell You are dismissed from class when I say something along the lines of “You may go” Before you go, throw away ALL garbage and leave your table area neat for the next student Make sure your textbook is in its place (bookshelf/center of table) and there is no garbage on the table or floor

11 Homework/classwork All homework and classwork assignments should be written on lined, loose-leaf paper in blue or black pen OR pencil with the following heading on the top right: (see example on board)  Name  Date  Period  Title of Assignment (middle of page) Points will be deducted if these are NOT on your classwork or homework

12 Late homework If you fail to complete a homework assignment when it is due, you must:  Fill out a “No Homework Slip”  Turn in the “No Homework Slip”  Complete the missed assignment by the next class period for partial credit If you do not complete the assignment after this one class period, it will be marked as a “Z” and I will not accept it

13 Supplies check For this class you are required to have:  Science section in a binder  Two-pocket folder  Loose-leaf lined paper  Pens (black and blue ONLY)– at least 1 of each  Pencils with erasers– at least 2  Highlighter – at least 1 There will be unannounced supplies checks twice every grading period.

14 Test/Quizzes After completing a certain unit or chapter, we will have a test to gauge what you have learned During tests there will be NO questions asked, NO talking, and NO movement around room (no bathroom) For most tests, you will have more than enough time to finish and double check your answers CHEATING is not tolerated. If you are suspected or caught cheating, you will receive a “0” and a referral.

15 Tests/quizzes continued Once you are finished with your test/quiz, turn your paper over. You have two options:  Grab a magazine from my bookshelf/book from your book bag and read quietly at your seat  Put your head down and take a nap Once everyone is finished, I will collect it or we will grade it together.

16 Remember… In order to have a fun and exciting year of science, we have to work together to maintain a safe environment for all. Follow these rules you have had since kindergarten:  Keep your hands and feet to yourself  Raise your hand  Do not speak out of turn  Respect your peers and their property

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