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Energy Forms.

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1 Energy Forms

2 What is Energy? Energy is the ability to do work
It allows us to change or move matter We have learned to utilize energy to make life more comfortable and efficient Energy occurs in many forms

3 Two Main Groups Energy can be divided into two main groups:
KINETIC: energy of motion Motion of waves, molecules, substances, and objects Radiant, Thermal, Mechanical, Sound, Solar POTENTIAL: stored energy Think of it as the “potential” for active energy Examples include: Chemical, Electrical, Gravitational, Nuclear

4 Types of KINETIC Energy

5 Thermal Energy Thermal = Heat
As molecules in a substance move more quickly, they produce heat and thermal energy is increased Geothermal Energy- heat energy from the inside the Earth Geo = Earth

6 Examples of Thermal Energy

7 Radiant Energy Travels in waves
Includes light, x-rays, gamma rays, and radio waves Also called electromagnetic Solar energy is a special type of radiant energy that combines heat and light to warm the Earth A special

8 Examples of Radiant Energy

9 Mechanical Energy Energy produced by moving parts or objects Machines
Your body The faster the motion the greater the energy Think of a car crash

10 Examples of Mechanical Energy

11 Types of POTENTIAL Energy

12 Chemical Energy Stored in the bonds of atoms and molecules
Energy released from chemical reactions Is converted into other forms of energy when bonds are broken or combined Biomass- is stored chemical energy that we get from living things Bio = living things Use coal to create fuel

13 Examples of Chemical Energy

14 Electrical Energy Energy created by the movement of charged electrons
Often travel through wires or circuits Usually converted into other forms of energy

15 Examples of Electrical Energy

16 Nuclear Energy Energy stored in the “nucleus” of atoms
Two processes to access this energy: NUCLEAR FISSION: splitting one large nucleus into two smaller ones NUCLEAR FUSION: combining two smaller nuclei into one larger one

17 Examples of Nuclear Energy

18 Energy Transformations
Occur when one form of energy is “transformed” or converted into another more useful form For example: Electrical Energy Light and Thermal energy

19 QUIZ TIME!!!!

20 What types of energy are shown below?
Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Radiant/Electromagnetic Energy

21 What type of energy is shown below?
Chemical Energy (yummy)

22 What type of energy is shown below?
Thermal Energy

23 What type of energy is shown below?
Mechanical Energy

24 What type of energy is shown below?
Nuclear Energy

25 What type of energy is shown below?
Thermal and Electrical Energy

26 What type of energy is shown below?
Solar Energy

27 Draw a flow map showing the flow of energy transformations in a car from starting vehicle to driving. Radio: Chemical  Electrical Mechanical  Sound Tires: Chemical  Mechanical  Thermal

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