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Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s. 789 456 123.

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1 Welcome to... A Game of X’s and O’s

2 789 456 123

3 789 456 123 Scoreboard X O Click Here if X Wins Click Here if O Wins

4 1 This R&B Singer/Model was involve with an allegation between her and her boyfriend. What is his name Rihanna

5 1 Chris Brown Home

6 2 This Southern Style rapper use to work for a radio station before he became a musician/actor. What was his job at that radio station? Ludacris

7 2 Radio Presenter Home

8 3 This R&B singer/Rapper/Actor/Producer was accused of putting hands on his girl friend over a dispute they both had what is her name? Chris Brown

9 3 Rihanna Home

10 4 This ATL rapper by name Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. Was charged with sum allegation of drive in a car full of guns and was put in jail for how long prissily? T.I

11 4 1 year and 1 Month Home

12 5 This R&B / Hip Hop star just released a new song that refers to all the “Ladies” that a hint. What is the video called Beyonce

13 5 “Single Ladies” Home

14 6 This big “Dog” real name is Dwayne Michael Carter know for his great lyrics and video he has a nick name that begins with “The Best ……. Alive”. What is it? Lil Wayne

15 6 “The Best Rapper Alive” Home

16 7 This real American rapper also know as Diddy is a rapper, writer, composer, actor and also a fashion designer. Diddy is also the beholder of a clothing line called ? P.Diddy

17 7 Sean John Home

18 8 This singer/writer/R&B artist had a BET reality series called what? That portray her family background and how she grew up not knowing her family members Keisha Cole

19 8 “The way it is” Home

20 9 This rapper by name Jay Jenkins mostly known as Young Jezzy relisted an album that portray the mess that we in today. What is the name of that album hint starts with “R” Young Jezzy

21 9 Recession Home



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