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Customs and Traditions in the USA.

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1 Customs and Traditions in the USA.

2 Plan: 1.Introduction 2.Customs in the USA 3.Traditions in the USA

3 1.Introduction Habits in USA came from UK so they are in some things similar, but the most of people in USA celebrate all festivals in private in their homes. Plan:

4 2.Customs in the USA

5 New Year’s Eve   • January 1 The start of New Year's Day, at midnight, is heralded by fireworks, parties and special events.    Common New Year's resolutions are to stop smoking or drinking alcohol, to lose weight, exercise more or to live a healthier lifestyle.

6 Christmas Day • in America Christmas are more commercial than all over the world • Santa Claus is modern - so he can use a helicopter and land before supermarket • Traditional Christmas tree and dinner. • Children wake up early to find presents in their stockings.

7 Independence Day • celebrated till Declaration of Independence on 4th July 1776 • each city organizes its own ceremony - parades and festivals of all kinds. • in the evening, there are fireworks to illuminate the skies

8 Halloween • October 31 • A pagan festival celebrates the return of the souls that visit their former houses. • People dress up as witches, ghosts etc. • Houses are decorated with pumpkins.

9 April Fool’s Day • A day of practical jokes.
• You have to play the joke before 12 o’clock midday, otherwise the joke is on you.

10 Saint Valentine’s Day • Was started in the time of Roman Empire.
• February 14 • Was started in the time of Roman Empire. • Is dedicated to St. Valentine. • People send a card to someone they love, like, fancy or admire.

11 Thanksgiving Day • today it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November • on this day is big family dinner consists of roast turkey with dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, milk and coffee • until 1863 celebrated irregularly and on the regional basis.

12 Remembrance Sunday • In USA is this called Veterans Day.
• Held on the second Sunday of November that commemorates British service members who have died in wars and other military conflicts s8nce the onset of World War 1

13 3.Traditions in the USA

14 Meeting someone  When meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to shake hands, both for men and for women. Kissing is not common, and men never kiss other men. 

15 The common response when someone is introduced to you is “Pleased to meet you.” Unless someone is introduced to you with their title and last name, you should address them by their first name.

16 Speaking on the telephone
Americans normally answer the telephone by simply saying “Hello.” If the person you would like to speak to has answered the phone, you should say hello and state your name.

17 Eating out  All restaurants in America accept cash for payment, and most also accept credit cards. A few restaurants also accept ATM cards for payment.

18 The drinking age in America is 21
The drinking age in America is 21. If you look young, be prepared to show proof of your age when ordering alcohol.

19 Smoking  Smoking is not as common in America. Smoking is prohibited in many places. It is not allowed in any public buildings, in shops, schools, and office buildings.

20 Friendship Americans are reputed to be friendly people. When in the United States, do not be surprised if somebody you do not know says "Hi!" to you for no reason. 

21 There is a difference between friendliness and friendships
There is a difference between friendliness and friendships. It takes time for friendships and close relationships to form.  Americans' friendships tend to be shorter and more casual than friendships among people from some other cultures.

22 It is not uncommon for Americans to have few close friendships during their lifetime.

23 They tend to compartmentalize friendships, having "friends at work," "friends on the basketball team," and "family friends," for example.   

24 The USA is the world's foremost economic and military power, with global interests and an unmatched global reach.

25 Thank you for attention!!!

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