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WELCOME TO LONDON!. About London Trafalgar Square.

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2 About London

3 Trafalgar Square

4 There are always a lot of people and pigeons on the square. Every winter there is a big Christmas tree which is a gift from Norway in the middle of the square. On New Year’s Eve people gather around the tree. In the middle of the square there is Admiral Nelson’s Column.

5 Buckingham Palace The official home of the British royal family in London, containing almost 600 rooms.

6 Buckingham Palace This is the Queen’s home. It was built in 1703. There is a great collection of paintings.

7 The Queen of Great Britain The Queen of Great Britain is Elizabeth II. Her husband is Duke of Edinburgh. They have got 4 grown-up children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

8 Westminster Abbey A very large gothic church in Westminster. Almost all British kings and queens have been crowned there.

9 Westminster Abbey This is a holy place. All English kings have been crowned and buried in the church since 1308.

10 Westminster Cathedral It was built between 1895 and 1903. This is the seat of the Cardinal Archbishop and the leading Roman Catholic Church in England. Its bell tower is 84 metres high.

11 The building in which the members of the British parliament meet.

12 The Houses of Parliament This big palace is the most famous building in the world – the British Parliament. The building is 280 metres long. There are more than 1000 rooms.

13 Big Ben Big Ben, the big clock tower, is the symbol of London. It strikes hours.

14 Tower The Tower of London has been a fortress, a palace, an arsenal, a mint, a prison, an observatory, a zoo, the home of the Crown Jewels and a tourist attraction.

15 A fortress, built in the 11th century. Early in its history it was a royal residence and prison, now it’s a museum.

16 Tower Bridge The most famous bridge in London is a Tower bridge.

17 Tower Bridge Tower Bridge is a bascule-bridge. The bascules will open to let ships pass through.

18 A bridge which crosses the River Thames, just to the east of the Tower of London. Often used as a symbol of London.

19 St. Paul’s Cathedral St.Paul’s Cathedral is a famous building too. Prince Charles and Princess Diana married here in 1981.

20 Hyde Park A large park in central London, which includes a speaker’s corner, a place where ordinary people can make speeches.

21 The British Museum A famous building which contains a large and important collection of ancient art, writings, coins, drawings.

22 River Thames Thames flows through London. The River Thames is 338 km long. It is 245 m wide here. Even big seaships can visit London.

23 The Tower of London is: a) a trade center b) a museum c) a shop

24 Big Ben is the name of: a) the clock tower b) the architect c) the church

25 Which bridge is in London? a) Brooklyn Bridge b) Tower Bridge c) Boston Bridge

26 The Queen lives in: a) the Tower of London b) the Houses of Parliament c) Buckingham Palace

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