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Introduction to session and purpose

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1 Introduction to session and purpose
Beyond the Scandal of Winterbourne: Working in Partnership to Improve Life Outcomes Introduction to session and purpose Chair Andrea Pope-Smith Director Adult, Community & Housing service Dudley MBC & Joint National Lead for ADASS on Learning disability

2 The Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme:
Hospital is not a home 31st October 2014 Gavin Harding Co-chair, Transforming Care Assurance Board

3 About Me I am the Co-Chair of the Transforming Care Assurance Board with the Minister of State, Norman Lamb I also: Inspect and review inpatient settings with CQC and NHS England Work with the National Forum and valuing Families Forum for People with Learning Disabilities on Winterbourne issues Co-chair the Joint Improvement Programme’s Engagement Strategy Group I am involved because of my own personal experience

4 What do I want to see? A change in the way we commission – people want lives not beds Better community services – more learning disability nurses and others working with people when they need it Creative housing options More use of the voluntary sector for early intervention

5 We need to plan for and with everyone
This will include: People who are under the Ministry of Justice People who have a service commissioned by NHS England Young people

6 Transforming Care & Winterbourne View
Jon Rouse Director General, Social Care, Local Government and care partnerships Department of Health

7 Transforming Care - The NHS England Plan Hazel Watson – Head of Learning Disabilities, NHS England

8 ‘Transforming Care Concordat 2012
Health and care commissioners will review all current hospital placements and support everyone inappropriately placed in hospital to move to community-based support as quickly as possible and no later than 1 June 2014: Every area will put in place a locally agreed joint plan for high quality care and support services for people of all ages with challenging behaviour, that accords with the model of good care.

9 Tasks - inpatients Track people – we need to know how successful we are at discharging transferring people and meeting their needs Commitment to ‘track’ the April 2014 cohort (2015) Care and Treatment Reviews – reviewing all ‘relevant’ patients

10 Tasks – new models of care
How to make it easy to do the right thing (mandatory?) and hard (punitive?) to do the wrong thing! Rights to Services/Reviews/Advocacy Commissioning Funding flows Accountability Building Capacity Supporting Commissioners Fewer commissioned beds

11 Winterbourne View Joint Improvement Programme
Zandrea Stewart & Steve Taylor Principal Advisers WV JIP

12 Building progress & partnership
Providing leadership and support to local areas Understanding the issues locally & nationally Developed a programme of proportionate support offered to areas. (34 SIAs, & CW’s 96LA’s, 91CCG’s, 15 AT’s) Development information, tools and sharing innovative practice, 8000 (TC Core Principals) Advising and influencing national direction and policy Future focused and sustainable Intro – This time last year – we have progressed Areas, Social Care, Health, Housing, self advocates, families and providers Key local and common issues, identified via the stocktake, qualitative returns, status reports and our direct work with areas Proportionate support include, Targeted and Specific to areas, series of workshops developed specifically to support the local area partnerships to come together to tackle specific issues and find solutions Specialist, specific advice and support – informing and enabling progression to enable better outcomes for individuals Information – including pathway being developed, information packs for people being discharged from hospital and people & Familes how to influence local planning Advising / Influencing National – advised the key issues in the development of the NHSE plan and Bubbs report, work with the MJO, contributing to the MHA COP, Issues re data sharing, building the understanding of the why and the need for a transformational programme of work

13 Finding Common Purpose
Life long Planning C&YP Collaborative Group , across partners, inform the inclusion of young people with complex needs Early intervention and lifelong planning into adulthood, improving personal outcomes and strategic planning Reducing the numbers of C&YP being admitted to In-Patient settings What good looks like and share innovative practice and positive stories Finding Common Purpose ADASS, the Care Provider Alliance and the WVJIP Strategic planning relationships between commissioners and providers. Developing social care procurement guidance that considers the Care Act and EU regulations Commissioner/provider protocol C&YP group - DFE, ADCS, ADASS, NHSE, OFSTED, CFDC,CBF,PARENT Including the use of Personal H Budgets FCP – Include Monitor

14 Lifelong Planning Area Work
Stockton team and commissions bespoke day services for young people with autism Cheshire W - Lifelong service model for LD & Autism Kirklees – Local strategic planning of local services informed by C&YP projecting demand & forecast Bedfordshire - Adult Services have taken the lead in identifying and tracking young people from the age of 12 in respect of all long term health condition

15 Area Case Studies Sunderland Gloucestershire
pooled budget for people with learning disabilities with high level needs, links between commissioning and care management including Specialised Commissioning Transforming Care Project Board reports to Health and Wellbeing Board, including self advocates & family multi-agency children resolution group agrees commissioning of proposed new placements and reviews any issues with current placements Gloucestershire Local concordat in partnership & use of Better Care funding. focus on prevention by addressing behaviours which challenge services while still low-level and / or during childhood training programme for providers, involving service users and carers, to ensure consistency of Positive Behavior Support approach 360 assessment

16 Programme of Direct Support
Developing Housing solutions workshops – October 14 Action Learning Sets Leeds – September 14 – January 15 Exeter October 14 – 12 February 15 Birmingham – 14 November 14 – 18 February 15 Advocacy Workshops – December 14/January 15 Practitioner Workshops Birmingham – 8 December 14 Lancashire – 31 March 15 Joint Commissioning Workshops – November / Dec 14 Children and Young People workshops planned for February / March 2015

17 Where to find more For more information on the case examples, additional tools and information to support your local area Please go to Contact us at: East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humber, North West & East of England London, South East, South West & North East General enquiries

18 Q & A Panel Andrea Pope- Smith – Dudley/ADASS
Jon Rouse – Department of Health Gavin Harding – Transforming Care Assurance board Hazel Watson – NHS England Zandrea Stewart – WV JIP Steve Taylor – WV JIP

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