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World History Chapter 13A

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1 World History Chapter 13A
European Middle Ages

2 Germanic Kingdoms Unite Under Charlemagne
The gradual decline of the Roman Empire started The Middle Ages from about A.D. Invasions begin changes in Western Europe and these changes are: The disruption of trade The downfall of cities The European population begins to shift

3 Continued These three things led to the decline of learning and the ability to read and write almost disappears Latin, the common language of Rome, gradually stops being used and French, German and Spanish take its place

4 The Germanic Kingdoms Emerge
The concept of government changes Loyalty to public government and law unified the Roman society The German tradition was different. Germanic tribes were loyal to a strong leader and ancient unwritten traditions A tribe called the Franks becomes the most powerful group in Europe and their leader,, Clovis brings Christianity to this tribe

5 Clovis

6 Continued Clovis converts to Christianity and by 511 he has united the Franks with the Church in Rome This conversion leads to the development of monasteries-religious communities Pope Gregory I becomes Pope in 590A.D. He expands the power of the Papacy, making it more secular (worldly)

7 Pope Gregory I

8 Continued Gregory uses church money to build roads and help the poor
Gregory believes that he controls and rules all Christians as a spiritual ruler

9 A European Empire Evolves
After the fall of Rome many small kingdoms emerge in Europe The Franks unite under Clovis and this is called the Merovingian Dynasty By the year 700 the Merovingian kings had become weak and the Mayor of the Palace, Charles Martel, has become more powerful than the king

10 Charles Martel

11 Continued Charles extends the kingdom north
He defeats the Moors (Muslims) at the Battle of Tours in 732 His son Pepin the Short, becomes king and this starts the Carolingian Dynasty

12 Charlemagne Takes Center Stage
He is the son of Pepin the Short He is 6feet 4 inches tall at a time when the average height is 5 feet for a man and 4 feet 5 inches for a woman Charles is very smart and a great leader

13 Charlemagne

14 Charlemagne’s Government
He strengthens royal power by limiting the authority of the nobles He sends out royal agents to make sure that the nobles, judges, and priests are ruling correctly He greatly encourages learning. He opened a palace school to teach noble children. He also orders monasteries to open schools to teach future monks. Learning is reborn in many areas where it had died out completely

15 Charlemagne’s Kingdom

16 TA13B Read Pages Copy & Define terms on page 363 Copy & Answer Questions 12, 13, & 14 on Page 374

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