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Section 4 The Power of the Church

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1 Section 4 The Power of the Church
Chapter 13 Section 4 The Power of the Church

2 The Far-Reaching Authority of the Church
Pope Gelasius 2 swords

3 The Structure of the Church
Power based on status Pope Clergy (bishops and priests) Priests

4 Religions as a Unifying Force
Feudalism and the manor system created divisions among people Church bonded people Everyone could gain salvation Sacraments administered Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Order, Anointing the Sick

5 The Law of the Church Church’s authority religious and political
All subject to canon law What is it? What two things could happen if you don’t follow it? Excommunication Banishment Denied salvation All vassals freed Interdict Sacraments and religious services could not be performed in king’s lands

6 The Church and the Holy Roman Empire
Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne emperor in 800

7 Otto I (Otto the Great) Allies with the Church
Followed Charlemagne’s policies Close alliance with Church What else did he do that Charlemagne had done? Did you know…?

8 Signs of Further Conflicts
Otto created the Holy Roman Empire (German-Italian empire) Caused trouble for Future German leaders Popes and Italian nobles

9 The Emperor Clashes with the Pope
Church was not happy. Why? Kings had control over clergy and offices Lay investiture What is it? Pope Gregory VII banned lay investiture

10 The Emperor Clashes with the Pope Continued
German emperor, Henry IV, ordered Gregory to step down Gregory excommunicated Henry Henry tried to win pope’s forgiveness

11 Showdown at Canossa (Italian town that Gregory was visiting)
Henry went to see Gregory What happened? What was the result? Was there a winner? In review… Henry was _________ Henry punished _____________

12 Concordat of Worms Church representatives and emperor met in German city of Worms What was discussed? Compromise Church appoints bishop Emperor can veto

13 Disorder in the Empire Frederick I became German king Barbarossa

14 The Reign of Frederick I
1st to call his land Holy Roman Empire Invaded cities of Italy Pope joins Lombard League What happened at the Battle of Legnano? Frederick I drowned and empire fell apart

15 German States Remain Separate
Reasons: Future German kings fought with Italian cities and pope. German princes elected the king weakened royal authority.

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