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A Power Struggle: Popes and Kings

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1 A Power Struggle: Popes and Kings
Standard 7.6.4, 7.1.3 A Power Struggle: Popes and Kings VS. King Henry IV Pope Gregory VII

2 The Pope and King: A Power Struggle
Since the large majority of the people of Feudal Europe were Christian the Pope had tremendous power over every body. Remember he was “God on Earth” Popes thought they should select Bishops. Kings also thought they should have the power to select the bishops.

3 Pope Gregory VII vs. King Henry IV
In 1073 King Henry IV selected a bishop that Pope Gregory VII did not like. The Pope excommunicated (cast him out of the church) Henry IV. Remember :Christians believe that if you die while excommunicated you will not go to heaven. Desperate, he turned to his nobles for support, but they were also afraid. The king apologized and asked for forgiveness. In fact, the king stood barefoot in the snow for three days before the Pope would even talk to him.

4 The Great Schism The East and West Clash
The west believed the Pope should be the leader of all churches in both the east and west. The Byzantine east disagreed. Pope Leo IV argued that the first pope was leader of the both east and west so all other popes should also be leader of both sides.

5 A Byzantine patriarch (holy leader) refused to say the pope was the leader so Pope Leo IX excommunicated him This is called the “Great Schism” or split between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church of today.


7 Assignment Create a political cartoon showing your understanding of both the “Great Schism” and “The Power Struggle” between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV. Write an explanation of what you drew and why beneath each.

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