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Introduction to World Religions (HRT 3M) Mr. Graham.

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1 Introduction to World Religions (HRT 3M) Mr. Graham



4 This course enables students to:
discover what others believe appreciate their own unique heritage learn about the teachings and traditions of a variety of religions Understand the connections between religion and the development of civilizations Explore the place and function of religion in human experience Examine the influence of religions on contemporary society (and vice versa)

5 Comparative Approach Through various disciplines including:
Historiography Looking at historical facts as to what was happening at the time Anthropology Creators and creations of culture Sociology Group social behaviour in a modern context Psychology How religion impacts our thinking – prejudice Philosophy Analysis and reflection of stories and beliefs

6 Study: Belief Systems Controversial & Ethical Issues
Native Spirituality Monotheistic Religions Polytheistic Religions Holy Sites Spiritual Leaders

7 Spiritual Leaders

8 Holy Sites

9 Religion on Film

10 Assessment and Evaluation
Course Work (70%) Tests and Quizzes = 25% Film Reviews and Other Assignments = 15% Explorations Journal = 10% Visitation = 8% Early Religions Presentation = 6% Islam Seminar = 6% Summative Evaluation (30%) Major Project - Oral Presentation or Essay = 15% Final Exam = 15%

11 Grading Policy Missed Evaluations - ZERO (without a doctor’s note)
Final Exams / Summative - ZERO (without a doctor’s note) Deadlines and Due dates - Assignments are due on the date requested - 2% per day  10%  zero if assignment has been graded and returned Academic Dishonesty - Plagiarism = ZERO - All work must be I.Y.O.W. Absences – must bring a note from home  hand in to the office – admit slip to me. Late – Don’t be. NO personal electronics on or used in class. Your devices and ear buds must be out of sight.

12 2. Aboriginal Spirituality 3. Early Religions 4. Buddhism 5. Hinduism
Unit Title Content Hours 1. The Religious Impulse Introduction to the characteristics and nature of religion. 10 2. Aboriginal Spirituality The origins and history, beliefs, practices and influence 3. Early Religions The origins, history, beliefs, practices and influence of 5 early religions and Sikhism 4. Buddhism The origins, history, beliefs, practices and influence 14 5. Hinduism 6. Judaism 7. Christianity 8. Islam 9. ISU Research Project Total 110

Where did the universe come from? OR How was the universe created? If you believe in an afterlife, how do you imagine the afterlife to be? Why is there suffering in the world? Has there been an increase or decrease in interest in religion amongst teenagers over the last 50 years? What reasons would you give for the change in interest? Can you be good without God? Can science and religion coexist? Write down a question you have asked yourself regarding religion in the last five years.

14 My Personal Credo Assignment
WORLD RELIGIONS (HRT3M) My Personal Credo Assignment A Credo is a statement of belief that defines who you are in terms of your: ideals values morals ethics opinion on right and wrong Consider the characteristics that describe your personal belief system and create an illustrated statement that reflects your outlook on life from either a religious, spiritual or social perspective (or even both)

15 My Personal Credo Assignment
WORLD RELIGIONS (HRT3M) My Personal Credo Assignment Your Credo will be a combination of both a text and visual representation in the form of a mini collage It will be done on an 81/2 X11 blank sheet of paper Your text can be either in point form or paragraph form and should be supported by visuals demonstrating your beliefs Visuals should be a combination of hand drawn and computer generated symbols Evaluation: 20 Marks T - 6 Marks - Text (Clarity & originality of statement) A - 6 Marks - Illustrations / Symbols (Varied and meaningful) C - 8 Marks - Writing Mechanics / Neatness (Spelling & grammar) - Aesthetics (Visual clarity & colour)

16 Study Religion across Canada
YMCA Youth Exchange: Experience the cultural and geographic diversity of Canada represent our school and community as cultural ambassadors MGCI Students have visited:

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