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My Community My Place My Pride Hlengiwe Mfeka Mconjwana High School

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1 My Community My Place My Pride Hlengiwe Mfeka Mconjwana High School
Grade 10 CAT – Socio-Economic Factors Community

2 Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes How were achieved?
LIFE ORIENTATION 10 Learning Outcome 2 AS1: Identify social and environmental issues, and participate in a group project to address a contemporary social and environmental issue (e.g. abuse, HIV/AIDS, depletion of resources). Learners were engaged in collaborative groups where they critically and creatively analyzed a specific issue. Through that they acquired organization and time management skills. Learners gained knowledge of social and environmental issues and the impact of one’s role in developing social and environmental justice.

3 Introduction Learners started by brainstorming socio-economic conditions in their community. Teams thereafter they had to identify / select what they thought was the most critical issue in their community. They critically explored what had been done or tried in the past, and thought about today’s challenges and their hopes for the future. They explored possible solutions, eliminate some and presented the most workable.

4 Tasks The class (learners) brainstormed socio-economic factors affecting their communities. Learners were divided into groups of 4 members. They began by identifying a contemporary problem to explore from the brainstormed list. They used the Intel Showing Evidence thinking with technology tool to write down their claim (hypothesis). The next step was to do some thorough research:- Conduct interviews Look for high quality websites from reliable sources, Journal articles etc. Finally the prepared a PowerPoint presentation that was presented to community and government representatives.

5 Slides had to cover the following:
Name of the issue Definition of the problem Claim (showing evidence thinking with technology tool) Historical background of the problem (through interviews and municipal archives) Current Status (illustrated with pictures) Problem analysis including solutions attempted by others (using spreadsheet to enter data and drawing of graphs to analyze info.)

6 Their possible solutions - minimum of 3
Evaluation of each solution in order to eliminate those by looking at reasons why they would not be effective e.g. not cost effective (showing evidence thinking with technology tool) State the most workable solution Conclusion In addition to the Presentation; they also wrote poems, plays and created brochures.

7 Teaching and Learning Strategies
Promote engagement and motivation by involving learners in a real life situation. In depth analysis of the situation by evaluation of the evidence (Showing evidence too used to promote higher order thinking). Link with the community – service learning.

8 Relevance of ICT Tools 2 Videos used for introduction, showing the socio-economic conditions. Prior 1994 elections Post 1994 elections Videos to show situations that they haven’t experienced first hand. GIS to locate nearest clinics surrounding their area that could be used when there is no mobile clinic and to locate wetlands that could be conserved for tourists attraction etc. Showing evidence tool – in depth analysis of information. Spreadsheet– drawing of graphs to analyze PowerPoint – for oral presentations Brochure – to communicate and share information with others.

9 Innovative use of ICT Tools
Cell phones – they can be used for school work! Online thinking tool – a very useful tool because learners realised that you can learn to think, and that it is important to think about how you think. GIS – a newly introduced tool that changes the way learners think about their geographical location. Microsoft applications – useful tools which can be used to solve real-life problems (not just something you do for school work).

10 Educator as a Change Agent and/or Learner as change agent
Several educators were involved and they claimed that they have learnt a lot from the project. Some of the educators have also suggested that this integration be extended even into their subjects. Teachers from other schools have shown interest and offered to help with other materials that will enhance our ability to use ICT in many other everyday activities. The members of the community that were involved also showed interest and were happy that indeed the school was part of the community and is affected as they are affected.

11 Most appropriate category for my entry
Community Knowing that the school is a micro society, we have seen that what affects learners from their society is carried over to the school. So in order to deal with problems affecting learners in schools, we had to go out and look at the root cause of the problem (community).

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