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Pride Mobility Products Corporation Production Planning and Control 2002.

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1 Pride Mobility Products Corporation Production Planning and Control 2002

2 Welcome to PPPC 2002 PPPC2002 is a Delivery-Based Scheduling system. It is user friendly and functional. Screens in the new PPPC 2002 are clearer and easier to read. All of your information is available on one screen. Responsibilities are created based upon an individual’s type of access within a Department.. Access is granted on a Manager, User and Inquiry level. A responsibility is assigned specifically upon the user’s location and daily tasks performed. Persons employed in each of the Pride Distribution Centers can only see delivery information available to their DC.

3 Once you login to PPPC 2002, the main screen for your individual responsibility will appear. In the header section under the title, you will notice Welcome followed by your name, links to drop-down boxes for Responsibilities and Reports, and a link to Sign Out of the program. Responsibilities in PPPC2002 are Routing, Scheduling, Bill of Lading, Serialization and Ship Confirming. Clicking on the Sign Out link, will exit you from the program and the Login screen will appear.

4 Logging In To Login to Production Planning and Control 2002, you will enter the User Name and Password provided to you.

5 NEW FEATURES IN THE HEADER SECTION… If you are assigned more than one responsibility in PPPC, you can click once on the word Responsibilities and from the list, select a different responsibility. If you click once on the word Reports, a drop-down list will appear and you can select from the various report groups listed.

6 A Basic Search in PPPC2002 is performed by choosing a Subinventory, Status and Order Type. An Advanced Search feature is available to all sections. If you need to perform an advanced search for a particular order, click the link Advanced Search. Your screen will refresh and 4 fields will appear. You can search by entering the Customer Number, the Order No, the PO Number or a Part No. EASIER SEARCH CAPABILITIES…

7 New Icons Available in PPPC 2002 Calendar Icon Delay Call Clicking on this icon will bring up the Calendar window (see right). Clicking on this icon will bring up the Delay Call window. Magnifying Glass Clicking on this icon will bring up the Freight Carrier list.

8 ROUTING NEW FEATURES FOR ROUTING ORDERS … Easier to Read Screens Easier Search Capabilities By Subinventory By Status By Order Type Advanced Search by Customer Information Drop-Down List of Freight Carriers Easier to Read Part Number, Description and Components List


10 By clicking on the Magnifying Glass icon found to the right of the field under Freight, a complete list of Freight Carriers will appear. A single click on the carrier name will refresh the screen and enter the name in the Freight field on the line. Freight Carriers

11 On the Routing screen, click the arrow to the right of the Subinventory field to choose the Subinventory to which you wish to route your order. Click the arrow to the right of Status to choose Routed or Unrouted. Click the arrow to the right of Order Type to choose the Order type for your order. Click once on the Delivery No. of the Order which you need to Route. The Line Items for that Delivery will appear below. By holding your cursor over the Top Level Item, you will see the Component List for that item. Clicking on any of the Headers will sort the lines. It is possible to select the Freight carrier for more than one order at a time before selecting Update. After you have chosen your Subinventory, Status, Order Type, and Freight Carrier, click the Update button which will complete the Routing process.

12 Routed orders can be un-Routed or re-Routed, simply by entering a check in the box to the left of the Delivery No. and clicking Update. Your screen will refresh, showing the remaining Routed orders. To Re-Route, select the Subinventory of your Unrouted order and choose Unrouted as the Status, find your Delivery No., choose a new Freight Carrier by clicking the Magnifying Glass, and when this is done, click the Update button.

13 SCHEDULING This is a Delivery-Based Scheduling system. Orders can be Scheduled, Unscheduled and Partially Scheduled. NEW FEATURES FOR SCHEDULING ORDERS … Easier to Read Screens Easier to complete Component Associations with Top Level products Delay Calling Pop Up Screen Partial Scheduling allowed


15 Scheduling An Order Click on the Order No which you want to Schedule. The Delivery No, Freight Carrier and Expected Ship Date will appear below the list of orders. To Schedule the Order, click the Schedule button on the right. If you need to make a Delay Call for your order at this point, click the Telephone icon to the right of the Schedule button.

16 When you click on the Order line and click the Schedule button, the screen will refresh and all information about this order is visible. To schedule your order, enter a Schedule Number (from 1 to 20) in the box and then click on the Calendar icon to the to the left of the Schedule button. If you do not enter a number, you will be prompted to do so. When this information is entered in, the information will appear in the Schedule Date and Number fields. By clicking once on the Item No, you will be able to view its Components in the box on the right side of the window. If there any Items on your Order which you need to unschedule, click in the Exclude box. This will enter a check mark in this box. Line Notes will appear in BLUE under the Line No. information on the left.

17 Partially Scheduling an Order If your order contains more than one Line Item but you cannot schedule all of the lines at the same time, place a check in the box under Exclude. Lines previously scheduled will appear in BLACK. Lines unscheduled will appear in RED. If you have a Schedule Number entered and Schedule Date selected, you can then click the Schedule buton. By doing this, you are giving your order a Partially Scheduled status. When you are searching for this order, you will need to select Partially Scheduled as the status.

18 Creating Associations to Top Level Product To create an association to a Top Level product, in the section under the Line Item Part Numbers, click on the arrow under Associated To. A list will appear from which you can select the number of the line to associate with your part number. If you have already entered your Schedule Number and chosen your Schedule Date, at this point you can click the Schedule button (if you are initially Scheduling your order), or Reschedule (if you are re-scheduling your order) or Unschedule (if you need to unschedule your order). Associated subitems of the respective Top Level product will follow the same Status of scheduled, unscheduled or partially scheduled.

19 Delay Calls There are two types of Delay Calls…One can be entered on the Summary screen and then, once a Delivery is opened, on the Line level. To enter Delay Call information, click the Telephone icon to the right of the Unschedule button.The box above appears. Click on the Calendar icon to select the Delay Date. This field is optional. On the main screen, the date you chose on this window will appear under Delay Date. Select whether the call is an Inbound or Outbound call. Enter the call Comments, then click the Insert button. If you are finished, click Close to return to the main screen.

20 Holding an Order or Line An order can be held on the Delivery level and the Line level. To hold on the Delivery level, click the Hold button in the Header section. The box (see right) will appear. Enter the Reason, click Hold. Your screen will refresh and the Schedule Number, Date and button will be hidden from view. To hold on the Line level, click the Hold button in the Line area. The same box will appear, choose your Type

21 NEW FEATURES FOR CREATING A BILL OF LADING … Delete Line Function Previously Routed Carrier can be changed Ship To Customer information fields can be edited BILL OF LADING


23 When the Delivery No is entered or scanned, your Order information will appear in the header section as above. If your order is already routed to a Carrier, it can be rerouted, simply by clicking the Magnifying Glass icon. On the right side of the screen, you can edit the fields in the Ship To Customer Name/Address section. If you have any comments to enter concerning this Delivery, you can enter them in the Comments field.

24 When you select an Item Description for your Delivery, the NWFC No and Class information will populate in those fields. You will need to enter the Quantity Shipped and Weight information. If you have entered information on all of your lines and you need to add further lines for your delivery, click the Add Line button. When you are completely finished entering information, click the Process BOL button. The Total Units and Total Weight for your Delivery will automatically calculate after you click Process BOL. If you need to delete a line from your Delivery, place a check in the box under the Delete column and click Delete Lines. If you have already processed the BOL but need to delete a line, enter the check, click Delete Lines and again click Process BOL. If you want to print out a BOL Label, click the Print Label button. If you need to print out your BOL, click the Print BOL button.

25 SHIP CONFIRMING NEW FEATURES FOR SHIP CONFIRMING ORDERS All Delivery information appears with 1 scan Greater ease in serializing specific units Serial number validation check upon scanning Waybill number will carry over Bill of Lading process Trailer information will need to be entered


27 When your Delivery is scanned, your Order information will appear in each individual field. The Trailer information will need to be entered. The Freight Charges field can be edited. When you click the button Click to Serialize, the box (see right) will appear. If the serial number is scanned, it will appear in the Serial No. field. The screen will refresh automatically. If it is not scanned, you will need to manually enter it, then click the Update button. The Shipped Qty will reflect the amount of items scanned. For Parts and SOFs, the default Shipped Qty will be the maximum quantity allowed. When you are finished scanning or entering serial numbers and all of your information is entered in the header section, click the ShipConfirm button.

28 Inventory Receipts

29 Inventory Adjustments

30 DYNAMIC REPORTS Dynamic Inventory Dynamic Shipping Reconciliation Scheduling

31 You can choose to run your report for Subinventory, choosing a Product to find all of that particular Product. You can select any or all of the following: Subinventory, Location, Product, Model and Serial Number to create a more specific report. You can select the type of report you wish to run: Top Level, Top Level Detail or Parts for your Subinventory. To run the report, click View Data.

32 Pick Ticket Report-- You must enter a Delivery Name and Subinventory If you do not have a Delivery Name, you must enter Subinventory, Schedule Date and Schedule Number. If you have an Add-On, you must place a check in the box to the right of Add-On. Work Order Report-- You must enter a Subinventory, Schedule Date and Schedule Number. Schedule Report-- You must enter a Subinventory, Schedule Date and Schedule Number.

33 Ship Log You must enter a Subinventory, Ship From date, Ship To date. Carrier, Order Number and Delivery Number fields are optional. Upload Errors This report can be run if an order was closed or cancelled during the day, but still remained in the system and was ship-confirmed. Duplicate Serial Numbers This report can be run to check for duplicate serial numbers. Items to Back Order This report can be run to view which Order lines were not scanned. It is a double-check process for scanning.

34 This report can be run to show information under All Header Fields (those shown on the left), or by specifically checking boxes on the left to narrow down Fields which you need to view. You will need to select a Subinventory and 1 (or more) other parameter(s). If your Date range is too widespread, you will be prompted to: Please select additional criteria to limit your search.


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