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Who is “The Scarlet Ibis”? “ Everybody thought he was going to die”

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1 Who is “The Scarlet Ibis”? “ Everybody thought he was going to die”

2 The Scarlet Ibis Story of self discovery and the pain that comes from hurting the ones we love

3 The Parts of the Plot Exposition Complications (Rising Action) Climax Falling Actions Resolution

4 Situation Brother (narrator) remembers events from the past The Brother is remembering something -when Doodle was born,his age when it occurred, Doodle’s physical disabilities the fact that he might not survive

5 Conflict-Doodle Lives Person vs. person, person vs. self Doctors does not know how to deal with Doodles complicated disabilities and gives parents a very dismal prognosis Brother’s idea of what a brother should be and who Doodle is the heart of the conflict

6 Complications Brother’s pride gets in the way He makes Doodle his own special project when he realizes that Doodle is intelligent and the adults were wrong He want to make Doodle into what he wants him to be (someone that he can be proud of) He believes that he has done something good for all the wrong reasons

7 Climax Doodle Walks Brother is ecstatic, he cries, he feels pride For brother however there seems to be little difference between pride and shame

8 Falling Action Brother run as fast as he can, leaving Doodle behind Doodle overexerts himself rowing Brother realizes that Doodle is never going to be the way he wants him to be the first day of school Brother Forgets that’s Doodle is sensitive and fragile Doodle is afraid

9 Resolution Doodle Dies Brother returns only to find him dead Brother’s real feeling s about Doodle comes out Brother’s grief and covering of his body show that he really loved him and that he had been trying to protect him from the outside world

10 The Elements of the Short Story Setting Characters Point of View Foreshadowing Suspense Symbols Theme

11 Setting-1912-1918 Summer of 1918 ( main events of climax-Resolution when Brother was 13) Coastal North Carolina

12 Characterization Protagonist- Brother (narrator) Six when Doodle was born Has high opinion of his own abilities Wants to share abilities with Doodle Ashamed of Doodle’s limitations and taunts him Loves Doodle but love is tainted with cruelty

13 Characterization Antagonist – Doodle Handicapped; a burden to his brother

14 Point of View First Person Brother is the narrator; refers to himself as I

15 Suspense Brother gives “getting ready for school” a whole new meaning We want Doodle to be OK We fear that Brother training may be too much for Doodle when Doodle shows signs of exhaustion we wonder if he will make it to the first day of school

16 Symbols (Death) The coffin (why it this a symbol of death? The Scarlet Ibis (bird is native to tropics by flying north it has exhausted itself, only to reach an environment in which it cannot live. (How is this situation symbolic of Doodle’s death?)

17 Subject Conflict Between Love and Pride

18 Theme Love is accepting and compassionate but human pride and cruelty can out weigh the good When a child dies, someone always feels guilt and pain Pride I confusing We should feel pride but not at the expense of others

19 Foreshadowing The use of clues to hint of events that will occur later in a plot

20 Figures of Speech Simile- comparison using “like” “as” or “than” “Promise hung about us like leaves” Metaphor- a direct comparison Hyperbole- an exaggeration Personification- giving human qualities to something non human

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