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Mediterranean Europe Italy and Greece Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, Malta.

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1 Mediterranean Europe Italy and Greece Monaco, San Marino, Vatican, Malta

2 Objectives Identify Italy and Greece on a blank map of Europe. Label the Adriatic Sea on a blank map of Europe. Describe Italy’s division into two economies and two cultures. Name the valley that is Italy’s economic center. Describe how Italy is isolated from its neighbors. Discuss the nature of Vatican City.

3 The Alps Po Valley The Alps separate Italy from other European countries. The Po Valley is Italy’s richest area. Terms and Places

4 The Alps The Apennines The Adriatic Sea Sicily Po Valley Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean. The Adriatic separates Italy from the Balkans and from Greece. Terms and Places The Apennines divides east and west Italy. Travel is easier up and down the coast. The Alps separate Italy from other European countries. The Po Valley is Italy’s richest area.

5 Land reform is when the government seizes property from large land owners and divides it into smaller pieces. Terms and Places The Vatican is an independent city owned by the Catholic Church. Manufacturing means making products. I get to decide who has too much land!

6 The Alps The Apennines Sicily Po Valley Discuss the distribution of Italy’s population. The Alps


8 All of these brands are made in Italy’s north, except Alpha Romero, which is made in Naples. Italy manufactures products sold around the world.

9 Here are scenes from Milan, a modern city in the north. It is Italy’s economic powerhouse. Compare the industry of the northern Po Valley with the rest of Italy.

10 Here are scenes from Naples in the south. It is scenic, but poor.


12 Many countries in Europe are dominated by a single, large city. As the country develops, the capital gives the country a sense of unity. The countryside adopts the customs and language of its capital. Italy isn’t like this. Italy has many medium-sized cities.


14 Pizza Chena Cioppino (Seafood stew) Chicken Marsala Siena Pici

15 Which part of Italy is richer economically? The Po Valley Area around Rome The Island of Sicily The Apennine Mountains What geographical feature separates Italy from its neighbors France, Switzerland, and Austria? The Apennine Mountains The Alps The Adriatic Sea The North Sea The Alps Po Valley What body of water separates Italy from its neighbors Greece, Croatia, and Albania? The North Sea The Adriatic Sea The Bay of Biscay The Baltic Sea Adriatic Sea

16 Which is true of Italy? The Roman Empire created a unity in Italy that lasted through history. Conflicts between Italy’s regions kept the country divided a long time. What geographic division is most important in Italy? North vs. south Island vs. mainland Mountain vs. lowland Italian-speaking vs. French-speaking What cities are Italy’s economic powerhouse? Rome Naples and Sicily Venice and Florence Milan and Torino



19 Greece

20 Objectives Find Greece on a blank map. Describe the geography of Greece. What three landforms dominate Greece?

21 Terms and People Polis is the Greek word for city. Acropolis was a fortress on a hill, often in the center of town.

22 Today, Greece is a small country in Europe. Europe It is a group of peninsulas and islands in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean Sea

23 Ancient Greece was larger. It included some of modern-day Turkey. Modern-Day Turkey

24 This three-dimensional map shows that Greece is mountainous and rocky. They often got around by sailing because many Greek people lived on islands and because the mountains separated the cities.

25 One of the earliest civilizations in this area formed here on the Island of Crete. It was called the Minoan Civilization.

26 After the Mycenaean Civilization died out, some of the Greek cities began banding together. The Greek word for city is “polis”. Minneapolis, Minnesota Annapolis, Maryland Indianapolis, Indiana

27 The time of these city- states is considered the Classical Age of Greece. The Classical Age of any country is considered to be when it was at its best.


29 Which nation is Italy? Italy Which nation is Greece? Greece

30 Please read “Italy.” World Studies: Europe and Russia. Pearson- Prentice-Hall, 2005. pgs. 145 -151. About 3-4 pages


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