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Passed by the Senate 98-1 Passed by the House 357-66 October 26, 2001 – Signed into law by President Bush 130 pages in length Divided into 10 titles.

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2 Passed by the Senate 98-1 Passed by the House 357-66 October 26, 2001 – Signed into law by President Bush 130 pages in length Divided into 10 titles

3 Previous existing laws were amended or expanded to increase police powers to investigate and apprehend individuals suspected of terrorist activity Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) of 1994 Federal criminal code “Congress simply took existing legal principles and retrofitted them to preserve the lives and liberty of the American people from the challenges posed by a global terrorist network.” – US Dept of Justice website

4 Title I – Enhancing domestic security against terrorism Title II – Enhanced Surveillance Procedures Title III – International Money Laundering Abatement and Anti-Terrorist Financing Act of 2001 Title IV – Protecting the Border Title V – Removing Obstacles to Investigating Terrorism

5 Title VI – Providing for Victims of Terrorism, Public Safety Officers, and Their Families Title VII – Increased Information Sharing for Critical Infrastructure Protection Title VIII – Strengthening the Criminals Laws Against Terrorism Title IX – Improved Intelligence Title X - Miscellaneous

6 Amended the Posse Comitatus Act (1878) to allow military involvement in domestic law enforcement activities when weapons of mass destruction are used against the U.S. Expands power of the President to freeze or confiscate assets of a foreign person, organization, or nation in response to foreign aggression against the U.S. Allows monies from the Counterterrorism Fund to provide resources to rebuild facilities, offer rewards to capture terrorists, or protect existing buildings from terrorist attacks. Condemns violence or discrimination against Muslim and Arab Amercians

7 25 total provisions 16 sunset provisions Set to expire unless renewed by Congress on Dec 31, 2005 9 permanent provisions 14 of 16 sunset provisions made permanent by the USA PATRIOT Act Additional Reauthorization Act of 2006 2 remaining provisions extended until 2009 §206 - Roving Surveillance Authority Under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 §215 - Access to Records and Other Items under FISA

8 Power of law enforcement officers to identify the source and destination of telephone calls expanded beyond specific phones to any potential phone that a terrorist may use Warrants follow the terrorist, not the phone device Email and Instant Messaging treated the same as telephone conversations under this provision

9 Warrants no longer tied to the Federal district court in which the property to be search is located Law enforcement officers can obtain a search warrant in any Federal district without coordinating with a court in the district where the warrant will be served Warrants can be obtained where an investigation starts, for example, and then be served on property in a different state.

10 Cooperative efforts to investigate financial support for terrorist groups and money laundering Regulation on financial institutions operating in the United States Requires each institution develop an anti-money laundering program with audits Authority to seize fund-raising assets of foreign terrorist organizations

11 Expands border security along the border with Canada Mandates machine-readable passports Information sharing between FBI and DOJ on criminal histories for visa applications Electronic information sharing process funded for all agencies responsible for border security

12 Authorizes DOJ and Department of State to pay rewards for assistance in combating terrorism Revises the National Security Letter procedures Access to communication transactions records, financial reports and credit information from suspected terrorists FBI senior staff can sign letter requesting information that is “relevant” to counterterrorism operations Previously, only FBI Director could request this information

13 Quicker payments for first responders (fire, medical, state and local police) involved in investigation, rescue or recovery efforts related to a terrorist attack. Overall benefits for public safety officers and families increased Established $50 million emergency reserve fund within the Victims of Crime Fund to aid victims of terrorism

14 Resources available to expand regional information sharing between Federal, state and local law enforcement agencies Aids agencies at all levels to investigate and prosecute terrorist-related crimes and activities

15 Amends the Federal criminal code to include acts of international terrorism, individuals conducting terrorist activities, harboring terrorists, or planning terrorist attacks. No statute of limitation for terrorist acts resulting in death or serious bodily injury Acts of terrorism included in RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) cases

16 Overall goal is to eliminate previous culture of separation between intelligence and law enforcement agencies at all levels of government Federal intelligence chiefs required to set up systems for information sharing between agencies Local law enforcement required to share terrorist- related information collected during local criminal investigations

17 Prohibits entry into the U.S. by non-citizens involved in money laundering Regulates telemarketing to prevent fraudulent charitable soliciting List of definitions to be used throughout the Act Other appropriations not yet listed in previous Titles

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