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Growth of Royal Power in England and France

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1 Growth of Royal Power in England and France

2 Monarchs, Nobles and the Church
Monarchs stood at the head of society, but had limited power Nobles & the church had as much-or more-power as the monarch To expand their power, monarchs Set up royal courts Organized government bureaucracies Developed systems of taxation Built standing armies Strengthened ties with the middle class

3 Norman Conquest William of Normandy- Defeated the English at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 Became known as William the Conqueror Became the King of England French-speaking nobles dominated the English at this time French & English cultures started to blend

4 Evolution of English Government
Domesday Book- William of Normandy; Efficient system of tax collection Henry II- extended royal power Common Law- Legal system based on custom & court ruling. Foundation for English legal system Jury system- determined which cases brought to trial

5 King John & The Magna Carta
King John (Henry II’s son)- clever, greedy & cruel; abused his power In 1215, he was cornered & forced to sign the Magna Carta Limited royal power- monarch must obey the law Extended the rights of the people

6 Development of Parliament
Monarchs often called on the Great Council for advice, evolved into Parliament Edward I summoned Parliament to approve money for his wars in France Had representatives of the common people Set up framework for England’s legislature

7 Successful Monarchs in France
Philip Augustus Strengthened the royal government Quadrupled royal land holdings At the time of his death, most powerful ruler in Europe Louis IX Generous & Devoted Most admired ruler of his time Religious man Declared a saint

8 Philip IV & The Estates General
Ruthlessly extended royal power Clashed with the pope- pope declared that king cannot tax the clergy without papal consent Estates General Representatives from all 3 estates (clergy, nobles, townspeople) Set up by Philip IV to gain support

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