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1 Pack 148 Welcomes You! Mallard Creek Presbyterian.

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1 1 Pack 148 Welcomes You! Mallard Creek Presbyterian

2 2 Agenda Promise, Purposes, Methods, & Values Program Delivery Community Service Advancement and Awards Training & Resources

3 3 Promise, Purposes, Methods & Values

4 4 The Cub Scout Promise I, (name) promise to do my best, To do my duty to God and my country, To help other people and To obey the Law of the Pack

5 5 10 Purposes of Cub Scouting Character Development Spiritual Growth Good Citizenship Sportsmanship & Fitness Family Understanding Respectful Relationships Personal Achievement Friendly Service Fun and Adventure Preparation: Boy Scouts

6 6 The Ideals The Den Advancement Family Involvement Home-centered Activities The uniform Making Character Connections 8 Specific Methods to Support Purposes

7 7 12 Core Values of Cub Scouting Cooperation Responsibility Citizenship Respect Positive Attitude Resourcefulness Compassion Faith Health and Fitness Perseverance Courage Honesty September October November December January February March April May June July August

8 8 = 12 Core Values

9 9 Program Delivery

10 10 Program Delivery A Boy A Den A leader A Pack

11 11 Cub Scout Pack Organization

12 12 Pack Leadership Pack Committee Chair - Denise Lynch Cubmaster - Dan O’Neill Finance Chairs – Cindi and Chris Cook Community Service Chair – Sandra O’Neill Pinewood Derby Chair - Dave Walton Blue and Gold Banquet Chair – Robin McCraw Advancement Chair – Nancy Semon Pack Trainer – Stephen Coats Pack Secretary – Open Pack Astronaut – Michael Kata Popcorn Kernels – Gene Katz/Chris Chapman/Ramesh Velaga

13 13 Age Appropriate Programs Tiger Cubs – First Grade Cub Scouts – Wolves: Second Grade – Bears: Third Grade Webelos – Webelos I: Fourth Grade – Webelos II: Fifth Grade

14 14 The Cub Scout Uniform Wearing uniforms has been a method of the Scouting movement from the beginning. Decades of experience show uniforms to have many benefits: Equality. Identification. Achievement. Commitment. Insignia Guide on the Pack website

15 15 Cub Scout Meetings Den Meetings Den Outings – Tiger “Go See Its!” – Den Field Trips Pack Meetings Pack Committee/Leadership Meetings District Round Table

16 16 Activities Camping – Family Camping: Sept 17-19 – Trail Blazer Campout: Oct 29-31 – Webelos-ree: Nov 5-7 – Webelos II visit the Boy Scouts at Klondike Derby: Feb 26 – Zoo Camping: March 19 -20 – Cuberie: April 29- May 1 – Night with the Knights: June ?? – Cub Scout Day Camp: June 13-17 – Webelos Resident Camp: TBD

17 17 Activities cont. Hiking (Need a Hiking Club Coordinator) – Pack Hike Nov 13 th – Pack Hike April 2 nd Special Events – Popcorn Fundraiser – Pinewood Derby – Blue and Gold Banquet – Rocket Day – Crossover – Memorial Day Cookout

18 18 Community Service/Support Storm Drain Marking Harvest Baskets Room in the Inn – Dinner Ronald McDonald Pop-tops Toy-for-Tots Scouting for Food Friends of Scouting

19 19 The Tiger Den Leader Safety of the boys (and their parents) Maintain a schedule of activities so that the boys earn their Tiger by April/May Assist Tiger/Akela partner teams as they plan and run den activities Keep Scout Track up-to-date Pass out awards for the boys at the Pack meetings Training available

20 20 Den Meeting Plans Do, Home Assignment, Verify  Do Activities done at den meetings  Home Assignment Done with the parent or adult partner  Verify Reminds Den Leader to verify completion of home assignments

21 21 Advancement and Awards

22 22 The Bobcat – The Ideals Every new scout earns this badge first by learning the following: The Cub Scout Promise The Law of the Pack The Cub Scout Sign Handshake Motto Salute Meaning of Webelos

23 23 Rank Awards Tiger Wolf Bear Webelos I Webelos II – Arrow of Light

24 24 The Tiger Tiger Totem The Bobcat Badge Achievements and Beads – Den – Family – Go See It! – Tiger Tracks

25 25 Academic and Sports Program

26 26 Sign Off: What’s Required? Be a registered Cub Scout when the activity took place Do your Best

27 27 Scout Track

28 28 Special Awards

29 29 Training

30 30 Youth Protection The Guide to Safe Scouting “A Bobcat Requirement” “How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide” Two Deep Leadership No One on One Contact The Buddy System Mandatory 30 Minute Online Training

31 31 Leadership Training Position Specific Training – Rank Specific Den Leader Training – Cubmaster – Pack Committee Chair – Den Chief Activity Related Training – BALOO – BB Gun, Archery, Repelling – Water Safety (Swimming, Boating, etc) – Popcorn Kernel – Pinewood Derby

32 32 Get Involved! Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader Blue and Gold Banquet Staff Pinewood Derby Pit Crew Hiking Club Coordinator Den Popcorn Coordinator Campout Cook Run a Den Meeting Scouting for Food Coordinator Run a Fieldtrip

33 33 Resources

34 34 Pack Website

35 35 Other Websites Pack – BSA National – Mecklenburg County Council – Training – –

36 36 Scouting isn’t a Monday night activity … It’s a Way of Life!

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