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Types of Establishments, Service, and Table Settings.

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1 Types of Establishments, Service, and Table Settings

2 Types of Establishments Restaurants are classified by the style of operation and their traits may overlap Family Style, Theme, Quick Service, and Upscale

3 Four Traditional Types of Service FrenchRussianEnglishAmerican Each type of service is unique in the type of cover and the style of service

4 French Service Formal service often used in upscale restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, etc. Tableside cooking which requires two servers Advantages/Disadvan tages?

5 Russian Service Same table setting as French Food is prepared and arranged on silver platters Server dishes the food to each guest at the table Guests are served from the left using the right hand and continues counterclockwise around the table Advantages/Disadvantages

6 English Service Normally used for private dinners All food is placed on platters and set before the host at the head of the table The host carves the meat and servers pass out the plates. All side dishes are placed on the table and passed around by guests. Advantages/Disadvantages

7 American Service The least formal All food is dished onto plates, then served Food is served from the left, drinks from the right and plates cleared from the right More versatile

8 Other Types of Service Banquet Family Style Buffet/Smorgasbord Salad Bar Dessert Tables

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