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VHQC Medical Quality Improvement Focus Healthcare-Associated Infections and More November 10, 2011.

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1 VHQC Medical Quality Improvement Focus Healthcare-Associated Infections and More November 10, 2011

2 A non-profit health quality consulting company, the federally designated Medicare Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) and the Health IT Regional Extension Center for Virginia (VHIT). About VHQC

3 Medicare Quality Improvement Organization Virginia HIT (VHIT) Regional Extension Center CRISP National Coordinating Center (NCC) – CMS Improve Health for Populations and Communities (NCC) – CMS Independent Review Organization (IRO) – VA, MD, WA, IN VHQC – Corporate Services

4 During the past three years, VHQC has partnered with: Individual nursing homes, hospitals and physicians Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association Virginia Department of Health Medical Society of Virginia APIC-VA Virginia Assn. of Nonprofit Homes for the Aging Virginia Health Care Association Improving Care, Improving Lives

5 Nursing Homes: Physical Restraints 8% → 1% Pressure Ulcers16% → 11% Physician Practices: Potentially Inappropriate Meds36% → 14% Hospitals (Surgical Care Improvement Project): Pre-op Prophylactic Antibiotics75% → 95% Appropriate Prophylactic Antibiotics84% → 95% Virginia Progress: 2008 – 2011


7 METRIC 1: CMS MRSA Infection Rate (infection surveillance) 75% reduction from baseline METRIC 2: CMS Transmission Rate (labID) Overall 79% reduction from baseline Virginia MRSA Improvements

8 CMS MRSA Infection Rate

9 CMS MRSA Transmission Rate

10 VHQC is launching a number of new initiatives, focused on reducing healthcare-associated infections: Catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) Central line-associated blood stream infections (CLABSI) Surgical Site Infections Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) New Initiatives

11 When you work with a Quality Improvement Organization (QIO), you are: Tapping into the largest federal network dedicated to improving health quality at the community level Focusing on three critical aims to make care better for everyone: – Better patient care – Better population health – Lower healthcare costs through improvement Driving Improvement

12 QIO improvement initiatives support: National Quality Strategy –Six priorities: safer care, coordinated care, person- and family-centered care, preventive care, community health, making care more affordable Partnership for Patients –QIO initiatives can support your commitment –Adverse drug events (ADEs), healthcare-associated infections (HAIs, including CAUTI, CLABSI, SSIs and CDIs), patient and family engagement Aligned with National Priorities

13 Make Care Beneficiary and Family-Centered Improve Individual Patient Care Integrate Care for Populations and Communities Improve Health for Populations and Communities Four QIO Program Aims

14 Technical Assistance Learning and Action Networks Care Reinvention through Innovation Spread (CRISP) Three QIO Program Drivers of Change

15 Providers and other healthcare stakeholders, including beneficiaries, working together to implement change and spread best practices through peer-to-peer learning and solution sharing. Improvement collaboratives Online interaction, tools, resources Educational opportunities Learning and Action Networks

16 We bring evidence-based best practices to the bedside with the flexibility to respond to local needs. You can work with peers and quality leaders in rapid-cycle projects for collaborative learning and action that accelerate healthcare quality improvement. QIO initiatives are a ready resource for taking action on your commitment to the Partnership for Patients and preparing for Value-Based Purchasing. What’s In It for Providers?

17 Leading the way to better healthcare Contact VHQC Websites: Sallie S. Cook, M.D. (804) 289-5320

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