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BIOL 142 Lab Summer 2015. Michelle Smith Instructor: Contact Information:

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1 BIOL 142 Lab Summer 2015

2 Michelle Smith Email: Instructor: Contact Information:

3 Syllabus Schedule Assignments Handouts Class Web Sites:

4 CRN 64059 MW 12:30-3:15 Imiloa 103 Lab Time & Location

5 Imiloa 136 MW 11:35-12:05 or by apt

6 Anatomy & Physiology of: Endocrine Cardiovascular System Respiratory System Digestive System Urinary System Reproductive System Course Topics

7 Please turn it off before arriving to class! Cell Phones

8 50 pts Mandatory Be on Time! Don’t expect labs to end early. Let instructor know if you anticipate an absence. Attendance

9 50 pts Participate in activities Work collaboratively Clean up after Participation

10 100 pts Be on Time! 1 st 10 minutes of class Posted on my website. Pre-Lab Quiz

11 100 pts Purpose Introduction Procedure Results Discussion References Research Paper Mammalian dive reflex

12 Lab Manual Exercises 200 pts Due at the beginning of each lab

13 EXAMINATIONS: 2 exams 250 points each (500 pts) No make-up or retake THE LAST LAB PRACTICAL WILL BE HELD DURING THE LAST WEEK OF CLASSES, NOT FINALS WEEK. Form study groups

14 EXAMINATIONS: Bring your own scantron At bookstore 6 for $1.25

15 No plus or minus final grades Grading Grade cutoffs: A = above 90% B = 80%-89% C = 70%-79% D = 60%-69% F = below 59% Practical Examinations(2) 500 points Research Paper100 points Pre-Lab Quiz100 points Lab Manual Exercises 200 points Attendance 50 points Participation 50 points TOTAL 1000 points

16 Cheating Plagiarism See student handbook on conduct code or

17 Lab Safety

18 Lab Policies Sign Waiver

19 Lab Safety Food Drink Smoking Cell phone Horseplay Open-toed shoes Prohibited

20 Lab Safety Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for each chemical used is available to you upon request. Know where 1 st aid kit, eye wash and other safety equipment is.

21 Lab Safety Injuries Broken equipment Broken glass or tools Please Report The Following to the instructor:

22 Lab Safety

23 Lab Attire Gloves Goggles No open-toed shoes

24 Preparation Read assignment before attending lab Bring Additional Lab Info.pdf Complete Homework Assignment

25 Behavior Have a positive attitude! Work cooperatively with group members.

26 Clean-up Everyone participates Disinfect your work area Put equipment away

27 Most Important Keep you eyes open to your surroundings. If your not sure, ASK!

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