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Date: in 12 pts Sophie Weisswange European Conference on quality in VET European developments for Quality Assurance Brussels 17-18 January 2012.

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1 Date: in 12 pts Sophie Weisswange European Conference on quality in VET European developments for Quality Assurance Brussels 17-18 January 2012

2 Date: in 12 pts EQAVET

3 Date: in 12 pts EQAVET list of indicators Underlying objectives: Better employability Better match between training supply and demand Better access to VET No 1 Relevance of quality assurance systems for VET providers No 2 Investment in training of teachers and trainers No 3 Participation rate in VET programmes No 4 Completion rate in VET programmes No 5 Placement rate in VET programmes No 6 Utilisation of acquired skills at the workplace No 7 Unemployment rate No 8 Prevalence of vulnerable groups No 9 Mechanisms to identify training needs in the labour market No 10 Schemes used to promote better access to VET

4 Date: in 12 pts Achievements (1) Developement of common principles, reference criteria, indicators, guidelines and tools for quality improvement in VET at national, regional and local level as appropriate

5 Date: in 12 pts Oparational Definitions for the indicators 2009

6 Date: in 12 pts Building blocks The European Quality Assurance Reference Framework is complex and its implementation will take time. The building blocks can be applied at both the provider and system level. The building blocks support and complement each other. Early analysis has identified examples of all the building blocks. Ensure VET is founded on a strong involvement of external and internal partners and relevant stakeholders Use feedback to improve VET Identify what information and data should be collected and used in the VET system Set clear rules for deciding who offers VET provision Provide clarity over funding Define and implement a communications strategy Recognise and build on existing internal arrangements Ensure quality assurance covers all aspects of VET provision Pilot initiatives and value success Set clear roles and responsibilities for different parts of the VET system system level

7 Date: in 12 pts Building blocks for VET providers

8 Date: in 12 pts Webtool The IT tool is the result of the work of 2 working groups from EQAVET during 2 years. – WG1: working on guidelines for NRPs for developing a quality culture approach – WG2: Using indicators to monitor the system System and provider levels Similar structure for both Development of additional material

9 Date: in 12 pts Outcomes 2011-2012 Lifelong learning Added-value cooperation with VET providers: - Working Groups, -further development of the IT tool focuses on VET providers -Involvement of EU VET provider associations in the various activities - Focus of Newsletter Issue 5 Structured involvement of social partners: - 3 Sectoral Seminars, 3 industry sectors, with a focus on WBL and CVET - 3 policy briefs -Involvement of EU social partner associations in the various activities - Focus of Newsletter Issue 4 Building synergies with EQF, ECVET & LLL: - Reflection Group, 5 meetings, HE in 2012 -’Information Gathering Exercise’ - Joint Seminar: building synergies; Report & policy brief - Articles Newsletter Issue 3 & 4

10 Date: in 12 pts Achievements (2) Collection of hard data through the survey

11 Date: in 12 pts Has a national approach been devised aimed at improving quality assurance systems at national level and making best use of the EQAVET Reference Framework in accordance with national legislation and practice? National VET policy and the national approaches to QA Yes BE(nl), DE, EE, IE, EL, FR, IT, LV, LT, LU, MT, NL, PL, PT, AT, RO, FI, SE, UK(Eng, Wls, Nir), HR It is still in preparation ( planned year of introduction ) BG ( 2012 ), CZ( 2013/14 ), ES, CY( 2013 ), HU( 2013 ), SK( 2013 ), UK(Sct) No, we need more time to devise it BE (fr), DK, ES, SI No, we do not need it _

12 Date: in 12 pts Has a National Reference Point for VET been established in your country? EE, FR, LV: NRP not yet officially established but it functions within the relevant ministry PL: The NRP has been established but not yet in operation QA National reference points Yes BE(nl), BG, CZ, DK, DE, IE, EL, ES, IT, CY, LT, LU, HU, MT, NL, AT, PT, RO, SI, SK, FI, SE, UK(Eng, Wls, Nir, Sct), HR No BE(fr), EE, FR, LV, PL*

13 Date: in 12 pts Achievements (3) Creating a community of practices

14 Date: in 12 pts Other Projects Project QALLL: Tracking of quality assurance related projects in VET and adult learning

15 Date: in 12 pts Other projects/initiatives LLP call Quality assurance related projects EQAVET knowledge and promotion unit 5 Projects 5 Seminars Conference

16 Date: in 12 pts Remaining challenges for EQAVET Coordination with other tools (ECVET, EQF) HE – VET Work based learning (Bruges communiqué) Developing a quality assurance culture VET provider level

17 Date: in 12 pts EQAVET Work programm 17

18 Rethinking Education – Key messages for VET One of the 6 priorities for MS devoted to excellence in VET: High-quality dual VET systems Aligning VET with regional/local economic development Permeability and development of higher VET to respond to emerging skills shortages Strengthening partnerships and networks between companies and VET providers

19 Rethinking Education – SWD on VET VET for better skills, growth and jobs Work-based learning Financing of CVET Excellence State of play of VET systems in Europe – selective use of Cedefop's Bruges Monitoring

20 Work-Based Learning is still an exception Proportion of VET students enrolled in combined work- and school-based VET, as a % of all students in upper secondary VET (2010) Source: Cedefop, based on data from Eurostat, UOE

21 VET excellence - new demands on VET VET has a role in: strengthening productive economy / industrial base in the EU supporting innovation facilitating economic restructuring incl. transition towards green economy

22 VET excellence – key messages (1/2) VET is incorporated in economic strategies which connect skills supply and demand, based on systematic skills monitoring and anticipation; VET providers have the institutional autonomy and capacity to develop a strategic approach linked to local and regional economy and react to skills challenges; VET providers cooperate closely with companies, authorities, technology centres and educational institutions, ranging from local partnerships to international networks;

23 VET excellence – key messages (2/2) VET systems provide routes for progression and reward and mainstream excellence; Companies engage in CVET – including skills development and utilisation at the workplace - is encouraged through incentives and supporting structures; VET teachers and trainers have opportunities and incentives for continuous professional development in active cooperation with companies; European cooperation on VET standards, particularly on a sector basis, ensures that expected outcomes of VET are set and continuously improved in line with the changing requirements of society and the economy – also at global level.

24 VET excellence at a glance

25 Designing VET excellence – system requirements a)Make VET an integral part of comprehensive economic development strategies b)Ensure that VET includes high level of qualifications and interacts better with other parts of the education and training system c)Create conditions for the flexibility and institutional autonomy of VET providers d)Include VET in comprehensive labour market intelligence and governance e)Provide incentives for and mainstream VET excellence f)Maximise the leverage of EU instruments g)Increase opportunities for mobility in VET

26 Designing VET excellence – connecting providers and engaging enterprises a)VET providers as active partners and networkers b)VET providers' ability to respond to the skills challenge c)Professional development of VET teachers d)Engaging companies in continuing training

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