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Types of Persuasion Fasten your seatbelts! Get ready to blast off into the wonderful world of persuasion!!!

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1 Types of Persuasion Fasten your seatbelts! Get ready to blast off into the wonderful world of persuasion!!!

2 What is persuasion? Persuasion happens any time you are trying to get someone to do something or change their mind to your viewpoint. For example, let’s say you want a raise in your allowance. You would try to PERSUADE your mom and dad to give you more money.

3 Persuasion has to do with a word we call PROPAGANDA. What is propaganda? Propaganda is when we influence the thoughts or actions of people by appealing to their emotions. For example, if you wanted a raise in your allowance, you would appeal to your parents’ emotions. Maybe tell them how much you love them and how much you will help them around the house more.

4 How can I persuade people? Well, there are four different ways you can persuade people: –Bandwagon approach –Glittering generalities –Testimonial –Citing statistics

5 Bandwagon approach This is when you try to say, “Hey, everyone is doing this! Why don’t you jump on the bandwagon with us!” Example: Mom and Dad, everyone else has an 11:00 curfew … why can’t I have it too??? Howdy, partner! Jump on board the bandwagon with us! Everyone is doing it!

6 Glittering Generalities This is when you use positive words and “feel good” phrases that appeal to values in people. For example, a commercial might say that these shoes have INCREDIBLE comfort. The word incredible would make you think that shoe was beyond comfortable.

7 Glittering Generalities (cont) … Another example would be the new truck commercials that try to appeal to American patriotism. Other values might include: freedom, fame, integrity, justice, love, and respect. Buy this truck! Buy American!

8 Testimonial This is the ever so famous celebrity endorsement of your product! For example, Michael Jordan sells Nike Air products. Jessica Simpson sells Proactive skin care. Hayden Panetierre is a spokesperson for Neutrogenia. Neutrogenia gives me that fresh look every day!

9 Testimonials (cont) … Testimonials can also come from credible sources. For example, if you were reading something about animals and a zoo keeper gave a quote, that would be a testimonial.

10 Citing Statistics This is when you use statistics to sway your audience to your product. For example, a commercial might say that four out of five dentists recommended this toothpaste. Four out of five dentists say that they choose Crest for their patients!

11 Review of Persuasion Techniques 1.Bandwagon: The “everybody is doing it” persuasion. 2.Glittering generalities: The appeal to core values of persuasion. 3.Testimonial: The celebrity endorsement or credible source persuasion. 4.Citing statistics: The use of numbers to show how good your product is persuasion.

12 See if you can guess which persuasive technique is being used 1.Aren’t the warmth and security of knowing your child is safe important to you? Our car will protect them with its reliable safety. a.Testimonial b.Glittering generalities c.Bandwagon d.Citing statistics

13 Try another one … 2.Hey, it’s me, Jessica Simpson, and I’m here to tell you about how using Proactive changed my skin forever! a.Glittering generalities b.Bandwagon c.Testimonial d.Citing statistics

14 And another one … 3.Everyone is going to go see the movie. Why don’t you go see it too! a.Bandwagon b.Glittering generalities c.Testimonial d.Citing statistics

15 Last one … 4.Roundup works 50% faster than the next leading product in killing weeds. Kill those weeds faster with Roundup! a.Glittering generalities b.Testimonial c.Bandwagon d.Citing statistics

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