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Interview With a Photographer Bassem Wahba Why we love it…

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2 Interview With a Photographer Bassem Wahba

3 Why we love it…


5 The Romantic Colours and Contrast

6 How he began with photography…. Bassem Wahba, who is now 31 says he began his interest in photography when he was 16 after meeting his best friends father who was an aspiring photographer. It was his friend’s father who taught him the fundamentals of photography, and gave him access to a darkroom. He said the most crucial things to pursuing his interest were “a supportive family,” and “the funds to support his passion.”

7 Why we love it… Unique Perspectives

8 Creative Ideas

9 Education Bassem does not have a formal education in photography, but rather in business. He continued to pursue photography all through school. “I have spent all my free time either looking at work that inspires me; wedding, fashion, editorial and ANYTHING, attending workshops, reading as much as I can and spending thousands of hours testing and perfecting (if this is possible which I don't think so) my work. I spend allot of time on the internet, why? It's free and full of resources.”


11 Artistic Computer Editing

12 Influences of Bassem’s Photography “When Gabe came I started taking even more pictures of our first son. I also began shooting weddings on the side after I shot my first one for my wife's cousin, I had such a good time and realized that I was good at it so I decided that I would peruse wedding photography. I approached my wedding photography with the same way I shot my editorial, fashion, landscape and portraits, which was a blend of everything. This took off and I began to shoot more weddings each year, most of my advertisement comes from word of mouth. However I think it is my personality that has made me successful.”


14 Making it in the Business “Photography skills are not half as important as your people and business skills. You need to be a salesperson of sorts to market your services but also to get people to do what you want when on a shoot and to have them trust you.” To succed on the business side of things, Bassem suggests that you need to start with a marketing plan and be your own book keeper as well as office administrator. Bassem believes that managing your business carefully is more important than your skills as a photographer if you want to be successful in the long term.

15 Why we love it… A Different View

16 Why we love it… Elegant Humor

17 Equipment and Technical Aspects Bassem begab is a traditional film photographer and loved being in the darkroom. He used to experiment with different developers, chemical ratios, film, and paper. “In terms of equipment I think you need minimal and a manual body and lenses are cheap now and a good light meter will go a long way. You need to learn lighting as well and starting off with one light and a few modifiers is important. I would purchase one self contained strobe and then simple cameras (maybe a used Nikon FE2 and a few manual focus lenses and a Minolta meter)”

18 Why we love it… It Shows Every Element of a Wedding

19 Photos That Show Emotion

20 Any Advice? “I think the best advise I can give anyone is love what you do and make sure people can see that passion in you.”

21 Why we admire Bassem Wahba’s Photography … His Photos Capture the Moment

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