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Sweden Therese Alm Emma Gullström Emma Åsard.

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1 Sweden Therese Alm Emma Gullström Emma Åsard

2 Work in Sweden How the labor market in Sweden is organized
Salary every month (12 months per year) Normal working day is 8 hours Vaccation at least 25 days

3 Types of work There are many different types of work in Sweden.
60 % of the populaton is woking with service

4 The private and public sektor
Most of the population work in the private sector The workers in the private sector has increased a lot

5 What field of work would you like to get into?

6 In your choise, what are your motiviations?

7 Would you rather be employed or self-employed?

8 How can your school help you to be sucessful in your future life?

9 Qualities of a successful entrepreneur
Creativity Passion Motivation Social Independent Responsible Hardworking Risktaking Confident Good listener Good leadership Brave

10 Unemployment in Sweden
Unemployed – a person who doesn’t have a paid job 7,4%, persons, of the inhabitants in Sweden Included – adults younger than 65, people over 65 who still want to work and students that are applying for job.

11 Get people back to work Arbetsförmedlingen are helping unemployed people Call themselfes ”matchmakers” They have contact with the companies to hear if they need new employees Unemployed people are coming to them and will hopefully get a job

12 Financial support Working and paying fee to the Union – 80% of your salary when you get unemployed. After 1 year – money from the state. The money comes from taxes. Employed pay 30% of their salary in tax. Sometimes people use this system to get more money for themselves, for example they don’t pay the tax.

13 Employment Possible disadvantages
To be employed at a company gives you a lot of advantages. Eg; security like insurance, salary, vacation, maternity leave etc. Sometimes benefits like health programs, life-pensions saving programs etc are applicable The benefits of an employment varies a lot between counties. Sweden is known for having very good agreements Possible disadvantages Can not always decide about working hours, vacations etc Freedom to choose where to work

14 Self-employment The key advantages of running your own business are for example: the freedom of choosing where and when to work the freedom to set the agenda, business plan and work forward if you are successful you can keep big parts of the profit and decide about bonuses etc the power of decision making many good things are deductible Common disadvantages of running your own business: You need to have a broad knowledge within several areas You actually need to bring in the money to be able to pay for all costs/expenses Sometimes, when times are bad, you might not be able to pick out a salary. maybe you can not afford life-pension saving programs, insurances and other health-benefits.

15 How to start a company in Sweden
Compared to other countries, it’s easy to start a company in Sweden There are different types of companies, the most common one is: “The limited Company” You’ll need a share/ start capital of SEK You register the company at “Bolagsverket”, or you can buy the company from “the shelf” at a company broker (this takes only like 20 minutes) Swedish Jobs and Society Foundation – an entreprise agency that offer advice on how to start a company for free (e.g business-, marketing plans etc)

16 Amazing Sweden

17 My Future My personal aim is to at least once run my own business in the future within an area I love and have passion for. But I realise that I still have a lot to learn from working as an employee within different kinds of companies. For example I would like to get the experience from working as an employee abroad. Learning about different cultures etc.

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