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NCI Designation: Expanding Science and Promoting Health in the Region Name Title, Company Date.

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1 NCI Designation: Expanding Science and Promoting Health in the Region Name Title, Company Date

2 Midwest Cancer Alliance (MCA)  Member-based organization of cancer researchers, care providers and support professionals throughout Kansas and western Missouri  Goals: –Enhance cancer care across the region via research collaborations –Keep patients close to home during treatment –Promote access to leading-edge diagnostics, care, and prevention and survivorship strategies

3 MCA Member Organizations Access to clinical trials close to home

4 MCA Working Toward NCI National Cancer Institute 4

5 What is NCI Designation?  Cancer centers “apply” for NCI designation through rigorous application –Designation process: typically 8-10 years (began pursuit in 2005) –The University of Kansas Cancer Center invited to apply Sept. 2011  Designation given to centers showing excellence in translating research into therapies for patients –Considered the Gold Standard in cancer centers  Extend benefits to MCA communities through cancer research/trials

6 Importance of NCI Designation National State of Cancer No. 1 cause of death under the age of 85 Cancer costs $200 billion/year Regional State of Cancer 25,700 diagnosed cases in KS/western MO in 2008 Underserved Region Our region is one of largest without a designated cancer center 65 National Cancer Institute-designated Centers

7 Benefits of NCI Designation  Building Collaboration  Growing Jobs  Expanding Clinical Trials 7

8 Growing the Economy  Estimated total economic impact: –$1.36 billion annually as Comprehensive Cancer Center –9,400 permanent jobs created  Categories of economic impact: –Research facility construction –Research facility operations –Growth in medical sector –Growth in biotechnology sector *Data from economic impact study by The Perryman Group, 2005 8

9 Expanding Clinical Trials  Clinical Trials: Research studies to test new drugs or treatments vs. those that are in use today  Importance: Clinical trials are key to cancer care – opportunity to advance science  Drug Discovery, Delivery and Development –KU’s strength in drug discovery, delivery and development will translate discoveries into new clinical trials  School of Pharmacy ranked #2 in NIH funding –Phase I clinical trials expanded through new clinical trials facility in Fairway (JCERT) 9

10 Lives saved 9,400 jobs Sources: Perryman Group Report 2005, Families USA, Global Health Initiative 2008 $1 million in NIH funding = $2.21 million in new state economic activity $1.3 billion annually in economic activity Increased federal grant funding $584 million from reduced cancer mortality Improved access to clinical trials/stay in region for care NCI Designation Regional Benefits Designation = Economic Engine

11 Regional Focus: NCI Designation  Study commissioned by Greater KC Community Foundation  5-Year Update -Time to Get It Right excerpts: NCI designation must remain the highest near-term priority Investment in drug delivery and development is key Continued collaboration among life sciences organizations Foster public support of life sciences effort “NCI designation ….provides high visibility, attracts further investments and talent to the region and has the potential for significant economic impact.” ~Time to Get it Right

12 MCA Partners

13 Questions? Name Phone Email

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