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Geographic Understandings Industries Grow!!!!!

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1 Geographic Understandings Industries Grow!!!!!
SS5G2 The student will explain the reasons for the spatial patterns of economic activities. a. Explain how factors such as population, transportation, and resources influenced industrial location in the United States between the end of the Civil War and 1900. b. Locate primary agricultural and industrial locations since the turn of the 20thcentury and explain how factors such as population, transportation, and resources have influenced these areas.

2 Population Population is the number of people living in a community.
Ex: Ellaville Georgia -1,816 Atlanta, GA - 432,417 New York City, NY- 8,244,910

3 Factors that influenced location of industries!
Where large amounts of people settled. Where Transportation systems were established. Places near the resources needed to make the products.

4 Where did they go?

5 How did they get the products out?
Factories were built near the iron and steel centers. They counted on the railroads to bring in supplies and ship out the goods. Chicago and Pittsburgh became both railroad and industrial centers of America in the late 1800’s.

6 Things are changing!!! 1900 brought in a entire century of change! Technology Shifts and growth of the American population New ways to use America’s resources. Agriculture and Industry have been influenced by three factors: Population Transportation Resources

7 Agriculture

8 Population By 1970 Farms where larger and fewer
End of Civil War By 1970 Farms where larger and fewer Needed fewer workers Tractors and combines took the place of farm workers By 2000-only 1.9 percent of the workforce work in the agricultural industry. Farms were small and many Produced 5 products Needed a lot of workers to run them By percent of the workforce worked in the agricultural industry.

9 Transportation (Before WWII) After WWII Present Agriculture was dependent on trains to move crops and cattle, (remember the Chisholm Trail) Trucks became farmers way of transporting their goods. More expensive but got the goods to the market faster

10 Resources Agriculture in the United States is mainly in the heartland (Midwest) and the South. Rich Soil Plenty of Rain Good temperatures Long growing seasons All of these factors make agriculture in these areas successful.

11 Agriculture

12 Industry

13 Population By the 2oth century, the Northeast had already been developed and industry had spread to the Great Lakes portion of the Midwest.

14 Population Continued As industry grew so did the cities that grew from them. With more people in the cities, more manufacturers built plants in those cities. The South had very little growth because they had no industry to support growth. Between many African Americans migrated from the south to these industrialized cities of the North and Midwest. This was called…………

15 The Great Migration! Causes of the Great Migration
Boil weevils destroyed southern cotton fields The North and Midwest offered new service jobs in the growing war industry. Jobs were available in the steel, automobile, shipbuilding and meatpacking industries The Immigration Act of 1924 stopped European immigration into the US opening up more jobs.

16 Transportation Housing shortage arose in the cities where people moved to find jobs. People moved quicker than housing was being built. Moved to Suburbs –transportation needs changed. Automobiles helped people travel back and forth to the city to work. Refrigerated shipping containers allowed perishable products to be shipped to distant places.

17 Resources Natural resources and new inventions often changed the economy of a region. Oil was discovered in Texas in 1901, then in Arkansas, Oklahoma and the Gulf of Mexico. This changed the economy of the West and Central States. Gasoline made from oil made the automobile industry grow even more.

18 Industry Continued By the 1920’s
Railroad, steel, iron, auto, and shipping industries were growing in the North and Midwest. Resources produced by the Great Lakes were able to be shipped out to the rest of the world. Jobs were becoming more specialized! New Invention of electricity also contributed to an increase in industry!

19 Moving South and West

20 Moving South and West Original manufacturing cities are still manufacturing centers Over the last 100 years, economic activity has changed to other areas than industry and agricultural New types emerge Information processing Services

21 Economic activity has dispersed!
Big movement in the 1970s and 1980s People and companies moved to the southeastern and southwestern states. Warm states became known as the Sunbelt States Reasons: New industries no longer needed raw materials Weather was warm and employees wanted to move Land was less expensive in the Sunbelt region Companies could pay lower wages in most of the Sunbelt states.

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