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1 Presented by MCG BioComposites LLC. TechWorks: Launching the Bioeconomy from the Heart of the Midwest TechWorks is a regional bioeconomy campus focused.

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1 1 Presented by MCG BioComposites LLC

2 TechWorks: Launching the Bioeconomy from the Heart of the Midwest TechWorks is a regional bioeconomy campus focused on connecting intellectual property, technology, and industry innovators to commercialize and manufacture bioproducts

3 3 Iowa’s Cedar Valley: a Centerpoint in the Bioeconomy The TechWorks project is projected to become a centerpoint of research and commercialization of bioenergy and bioproducts Public and private sector partners  Deere & Company  University of Northern Iowa  Hawkeye Community College  Iowa Department of Economic Development  City of Waterloo

4 4  40-acre campus  20 acres of development sites  300,000 square feet of space in two existing buildings TechWorks Master Plan

5 5 Laying the Foundation: Accomplishments to Date

6 6 Building a Bio-Based Innovation Campus: Next Steps All of the identified investments in this project update are ready to be implemented immediately—started within six months and completed within two years Projects divided into three phases to highlight priorities, though projects are independent and can be pursued simultaneously Phase 1: Technology Center AgriTech Center Phase 2: Manufacturing Cluster Phase 3: Distributed Renewable Energy Pilot Project Highway 63 and TechWorks Gateway

7 7 Technology Center The Technology Center (Tech I) is designed to meet the research, development and educational needs of the growing market for bio-based products. Next steps:  Finishing space for and providing start-up funding for the IP Institute Cedar Valley branch  Establishing a Polymer Compounding & Testing Laboratory to serve regional bioplastics companies  Completing whitebox renovations of the Technology Center to prepare it for tenant occupancy

8 8 Technology Center: Midwest Intellectual Property Management Institute The Midwest is rich in technology and talent stemming from the private sector. The IP Institute, headquartered in Moline, Illinois:  Is a conduit to transfer underused intellectual property held by corporations to start new businesses and enhance existing businesses  Engages top talent, including retirees, in IP transfer and in consulting to corporations to retain this invaluable retiring talent pool in the region - critical to fostering innovation and training future workforce  Has established solid partnerships to advance this initiative  Is creating an Iowa branch office at TechWorks including a Business Accelerator

9 9 Technology Center: Polymer Compounding & Testing Laboratory  TechWorks includes a concentrated focus on the bioplastics and biocomposites resins industry  Polymer compounding and testing laboratory will serve the many bioplastics and biocomposites businesses in need of advanced testing and compounding services in Iowa and the greater region

10 10 AgriTech Center Celebrating the History and Future of Ag Innovation in a new 35,000 s.f. pavilion connecting the Tech 1 and Tech 2 buildings  A highly interactive center  Build on the Cedar Valley’s attraction of 30,000 visitors annually to John Deere’s facilities  A trailhead for the federally designated Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area

11 11 Manufacturing Cluster Tech 2 building  Collaboration opportunities  As a rehabilitated building in an urban brownfield, it offers the greenest possible location Development Sites  20 acres  New construction opportunities  Geared toward flexibly configured buildings

12 12 Distributed Renewable Cogeneration Energy Pilot Project The goals of this energy facility are to:  Demonstrate the power production capabilities of waste biomass feedstock (such as corn stover)  Demonstrate the energy saving and costs of implementing a distributed, renewable, cogeneration energy system serving multiple industrial users  Implement an energy systems job training program designed to propel renewable energy systems employees and businesses into the marketplace  Advance bioenergy technologies, creating opportunities for business growth

13 13 Iowa Green Zone Pilot: Cedar Valley TechWorks Positioning Iowa to Create Green Collar Jobs TechWorks proposes to establish a pilot “Green Zone” program that could then be expanded throughout the State of Iowa to help attract “triple bottom line” * companies by offering:  A unique package of incentives  A powerful marketing tool  Opportunities for business collaboration *Triple bottom line companies – businesses that practice economic, social, and environmental responsibility to achieve success and sustainability.

14 14 Green Zone Pilot: Certification ”Green Zone” certification would be similar to LEED certification for buildings and Green Seal certification for consumer products, and would be a tiered system Criteria:  Site: points would be maximized for urban sites and brownfields  Workforce: Create employment opportunities within walking distance of underemployed workforce  Green Products and Services: Businesses that adhere to one or more eco-certification standards

15 15 Marketing of TechWorks  Website:  National and regional Trade magazines  Educational connections  Plastics International and National Organizations  Please contact Sam McCord at 319-378-0077 or email for a site

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