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EARNING A LIVING: WORK, MENTAL ILLNESS AND RECOVERY Johnson & Johnson-Dartmouth Family Advocacy Project for IPS Supported Employment NAMI NATIONAL September.

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1 EARNING A LIVING: WORK, MENTAL ILLNESS AND RECOVERY Johnson & Johnson-Dartmouth Family Advocacy Project for IPS Supported Employment NAMI NATIONAL September 5, 2014 Presenter Michael J. Cohen, Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center

2 Family Advocacy Team Project IPS Learning Collaborative: Resources from J& J Corporate Contributions supports Dartmouth (PRC) bringing together key stakeholders: DMH, VR, NAMI Affiliates and Consumer Organizations Each Family Team works within the NAMI Affiliate and with DMH and VR to: expand and improve family understanding of IPS; promote collaboration with local CMHCs and educate communities Family Teams advocate for policies and financing which improve access to and implementation of high quality IPS throughout the State Mental Health and VR Service Systems.

3 3 Participating NAMI Affiliates » Colorado Connecticut » Washington DC Alameda County » Oregon Missouri » Maryland North Carolina » Kansas South Carolina » Minnesota Illinois » Vermont Wisconsin » Kentucky Ohio

4 What Families Say….. “I feel that employment is critical to help my son cope better in society. Next to a cure for his illness, work has as much impact as anything.” “My son has been working for about four years. I see improvement in mixing with people and I see some independence. Best of all, he is earning money to spend as he pleases”

5 Dartmouth PRC25 Recovery & IPS- Supported Employment Holistic Peer Support Non- Linear Strength- Based Responsibility Empowerment Person Centered Self-Direction Hope Respect Work fulfills a human need along with health, relationships, housing and spirituality Work fosters hope and motivation for a better future People actively participate in goal setting, job finding and maintaining work Treatment and services are based on each individual’s goals People make decisions about job type and setting People have the right to choose their supports and participate in work decisions Job and school transitions are supported as part of career development Services align with strengths, talents, skills and preferences Peers share personal stories about work, school and recovery to benefit others Competitive employment builds confidence and self- respect

6 Is Work Too Stressful? As compared to what? “If you think work is stressful, try unemployment”* *Marone & Golowka, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 1999

7 Highlights of IPS Advocacy Team Progress Since 2008 16 family teams coordinated by NAMI affiliates work with state MH/VR teams as part of the J&J Learning Collaborative; Level of current activity is variable Since 2008- 6000+ people have participated in an educational program or heard a family testimonial on the goals and benefits of IPS. Advocacy by teams in IL, OR, MN, WI, KY, Alameda County have had success expanding funding for and the number of IPS programs

8 8 Progress at NAMI National NAMI National promotes need for employment resources for active military and veterans and a stronger VA-NAMI partnership With help and encouragement from families in the collaborative, NAMI National Policy Team issues report: Road to Recovery: Employment and Mental Illness, 2014

9 WI State Team-Presenting to Legislature

10 Family Employment Team Activities Presentations at local mental health agencies to break down communication barriers and improve trust; serve on IPS Steering Committees Collaborate with DMH/VR staff to improve quality of IPS Supported Employment; Fidelity Reviewers Educate families to increase involvement in employment activities to improve care coordination and help loved ones attain employment goals Educate community about the family interest in work and its benefits to recovery (confront stigma) Advocate policy makers to improve access to high fidelity IPS

11 IL Develops Site Map for IPS

12 BENEFITS TO NAMI AFFILIATES Part of a National Learning Community facilitated by Dartmouth PRC has given an “ascribed status” to the organizations New, knowledgeable NAMI members joined affiliates based on a common advocacy issue Potential new leadership pool is created New roles for family members in the CMHC and VR systems Another opportunity for the family voice in your community New friends in the legislature working on common interests and agenda

13 Checklist for Getting Started L eadership-champion within NAMI Affiliate Programmatic capacity of the NAMI organization to take on the project Clear and understandable action plan Team membership, roles and functioning Working relationship between the with NAMI state affiliate (family team), state mental health authority and VR leadership Collaborative relationship with IPS State Team and Dartmouth PRC; materials and consultation

14 Summary Employment is a vehicle for recovery. Families have a role helping to promote recovery by advocating for access to high fidelity IPS supported employment. Family Advocacy Teams are equal partners in the Dartmouth-J&J Collaborative to educate and advocate for IPS A focus on a specific advocacy issue-IPS-has increased the number of volunteers into the NAMI family and grown the advocacy capacity of the NAMI Affiliates Affiliates are strengthen by their connection with the Dartmouth-J&J Project Collaborative

15 Contact Information Michael J. Cohen, MA,CAGS (603) 496-1657

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