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Security vs. Anxiety Definition: Structuring my life around that which cannot be destroyed or taken away.

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1 Security vs. Anxiety Definition: Structuring my life around that which cannot be destroyed or taken away.

2 Over 90% of long term addicts come from divorced homes. We know that something has been instilled in their lives that makes them insecure. What is it? The lack of family, and the lack of feeling loved.

3 How many of us have problems dealing with security in life? We have fears of being abandoned, rejected, and failing at whatever we are trying to do. Drugs and alcohol are taking over our nation because people are not secure in who they are. Are you?

4 Will you make it through life without anxiety and panic? Probably not. But we can make it through our life without having to constantly live in anxiety and fear. There are questions that we can ask that will determine our quality of life and the feeling of security. Here is a simple test for finding out if you are a candidate for security issues. Get a pen or pencil out and get ready to answer these questions.

5 What is your purpose in life? (why were you born) What is your identity? (describe who you really are as a person) Do you have enough self esteem to accomplish your goals? Do you have a positive outlook on life? Do you believe in God?

6 All of these questions deal with security. The reason people have anxiety is because we lack the feeling and character of security - being able to structure our lives with things that are foundational and secure. We are insecure because we lost our purpose in life, and because we lost our identity through abuse, drugs, alcohol, divorce, or relationship problems. Our self confidence fell because of past failures and life has become a picture of gloom. We are now scared and depressed and looking for something that is secure. That is why the last thing on the chart (spirituality) should be the first thing on our priority list.

7 When a person finds out who they are spiritually, then all the rest of the questions are answered. We now know our purpose and who we are. We also gain confidence that we can do those things that we were meant to do and created to do. This gives us a positive outlook on life, and we are now secure because of an inward peace that can’t be destroyed by people because it didn’t come from people. Security is never based on anything that can be removed, stolen, or replaced. What can you surround yourself with that can’t be taken?

8 Our personal liberty and safety ends where public safety begins. Allowing someone else to be your foundation for security will only lead to your own destruction. You must take an active role in establishing the right to be free and secure in your own country, state, church, and home. Otherwise, you will lose it. Example: A government that has a windshield full of safety stickers will run over many pedestrians because of looking too much on safety, and not enough on personal rights and security of the people.

9 The gates of opportunity swing on four hinges: Initiative, insight, industry, and integrity. But they all can be destroyed by insecurity and anxiety. Thus, security is a main character for opportunity in life. You can read your Bible (which this country was founded on), which gives the grounds on how to have security and get rid of anxiety. Read the paper and know that not many people have it. A wise man will make opportunities in his life, not find them. He will face his fear and gain strength at every encounter. Have you ever noticed how many “once in a lifetime opportunities” you can do without? You have more anxiety when given the “once in a lifetime” opportunity, than you would in building more of a foundation for your security on character and integrity.

10 What gives you anxiety? When you can look on yesterday without remorse, and tomorrow without fear, you are getting stronger, and not so insecure. Courage is not the absence of anxiety, but the conquest of it. Security is not the absence of fear, but having peace within it. The fear of failure is the father of failure. The fear of anxiety causes it. Fear

11 Faith and anxiety will sail into your mind, but faith must anchor there. Anxiety will keep us from going forward. It causes us to quit. The only thing worse than a quitter, is the person that is afraid to start. A person feeling secure in what they are doing will not be afraid to start and finish the job. Anxiety is the darkroom where negatives are developed. Security is the light that exposes the darkness.

12 Group: What are your greatest fears that would cause anxiety for you? Losing a loved one? Being sick? Not getting everything done? Finances? Relationships? Work related fears? The fear of being harmed?

13 Anxiety is a term that is used a lot, but few understand what it is. Let’s come up with a definition that people will understand: Anxiety is a real pain (emotional or physical) that comes from anticipating that which you fear and know could happen.

14 USA Weekend (August 1997) ran a cover story on “What Americans Are Afraid of Today” You will find that we are not secure in our jobs, our homes, as a nation, or even within ourselves. We are a nation of anxiety because we try to gain our security with things that can be taken or destroyed.

15 54% are afraid of being in a car crash. 53% are afraid of having cancer. (this has increased greatly) 50% are afraid of inadequate Social Security. 49% are afraid of not having enough money for retirement. 36% are afraid of getting food poisoning. 35% are afraid of getting Alzheimer’s. 33% are afraid of being a victim of violence. 32% are afraid they may have to pay their current debt off. 28% are afraid of getting AIDS. 25% are afraid of natural disasters. 30% are afraid of exposing themselves to foreign viruses. Is the world a safer place than when you were growing up? No, say 9 in 10 Americans. 4 in 10 people feel unsafe taking a walk at night. 1 in 4 woman thinks she has been followed by a stranger in the past year.

16 In your groups, come up with a statement that you would send these people in regards to their fear. What could or should they do to get rid of this anxiety? Please list, step by step, the process to gain the character of security in a world that is so full of anxiety.

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