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Teaching Public Speaking China Debate Education Network.

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1 Teaching Public Speaking China Debate Education Network

2 Teaching Public Speaking Ethics Anxiety Basics of Public Speaking – Organization – Content – Delivery Sample Syllabus

3 Ethics Ethical Responsibilities that speakers have to the audience Ethical Responsibilities that speakers have to the ideas Ethical Responsibilities that speakers have to themselves Sprague And Stuart A Speaker’s Handbook

4 Speaking Anxiety Give students tools for dealing with anxiety they produce with self-talk Give students tools for dealing with the physical effects of speaking anxiety Provide opportunities for students to have positive speaking experiences Facilitate an environment where students feel supported by one another to achieve success.

5 Tools for dealing with anxiety Cognitive Restructuring Relaxation Exercises – Get them to work out some adrenaline before the speech. – Breathing exercises – Muscle exercises

6 Creating positive speaking experiences and facilitating a supportive atmosphere Introduction assignment – Introduce another student to the class Imagine an occasion A few guidelines Ungraded Video Tape first graded speech Lessons on being a good audience member Assignments to practice with one another

7 Other ways of dealing with anxiety Non-speaking graded assignments Lots of ungraded speeches in class Reflection papers: evidence of progress Checklists Practices

8 Public Speaking Basics Organization – Introduction, Body, Conclusion – Transitions Content – The arguments and evidence – Using and citing credible sources Delivery – Using body in delivering speeches – Using voice in delivering speeches

9 Topic Selection Brainstorming Exercise: In class

10 Organization Brainstorm sub-topics Arrange the sub-topics into categories – Some will get left out. – Some could fit into multiple categories. – Some whole categories will get left out Arrange categories logically according to some organization pattern

11 Organization Organization Patterns – Chronological – Topical – Spatial – Cause-Effect – Problem-Solution

12 Organization Introductions – Attention getter – Link topic to audience – Thesis statement – Preview of main points Body – Organized along main points Conclusion – Review points – Review thesis – Final thought (clincher)

13 Organization Transitions – Transitions move the audience FROM a previous point. – Transitions move the audience TO the next point. – Transitions show the logical link between the two points.

14 Content Basic Persuasion – Ethos – Pathos – Logos Basic Argumentation – Toulmin Model Source Credibility Citing Sources Orally

15 Delivery Using the Body in Delivery – Movement – Gestures – Facial Expressions Using the Voice in Delivery – Volume – Rate – Tone

16 Syllabus Three graded speeches – Informative Speech focusing on Organization – Persuasive Speech focusing on Content – Commemorative Speech focusing on Delivery Three speech reflections Final Exam Participation – Ungraded speeches – Being good audience members

17 Syllabus Course Schedule Oct 25Introduction to the course and each other, Basics of Public Speaking Oct 27Speaking Ethics, Speaking Anxiety Introduction Speeches Nov 1Topic Selection, Thesis Statements, Organization, Visual Aids Nov 3Outlining, Introductions Nov 8Informative Speeches Nov 10Informative Speeches Nov 15Argument and Persuasion Nov 17Persuasion, Impromptu Speeches Nov 22Persuasive Speeches Nov 29 Persuasive Speeches Dec 1Delivery Dec 6Commemorative Speeches Dec 8Commemorative Speeches Dec 12Final Exam Due by 11:59pm online

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