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West Africa Chapter 1 Section 2.

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1 West Africa Chapter 1 Section 2

2 West African Civilizations
Like all of Africa, West Africa is ethnically, culturally and geographically diverse West Africa included three great Ancient civilizations Ghana, Mali and Songhai

3 Ancient Ghana The kingdom of Ghana became rich from trade
Their kings were known in Europe and the Middle East as some of the richest monarchs in the world The use of the Asian camel allowed for trade across the Sahara to N. Africa

4 Ancient Ghana The people of Ghana exported slaves, gold and pepper
They traded with the Roman Empire and the Berbers- the indigenous people of N. Africa When the Romans power declined trade with Muslim merchants took its place

5 The Empire of Mali ( ) Mali replaced Ghana as the chief economic power in West Africa Mali was further South than Ghana in an area of greater rainfall which allowed them to grow more crops and support a larger population Mali was a Muslim Empire that had great wealth

6 The Empire of Mali Mali’s wealthiest city was Timbuktu along the Niger river Timbuktu was a major center for trade particularly in slaves, gold and salt It was also a cultural center that included mosques, a law schools and book dealers The city was renown for their religious and ethnic tolerance

7 The Empire of Mali After the death of their greatest ruler Mansa Musa Mali declined and was taken over by one of their subject peoples the Songhai

8 The Empire of Songhai (1464-1591)
The Songhai people were great warriors and traders They became the largest of the West African Empires Although they were officially a Muslim Empire outside of the cities 95% of the people remained bound to their many different traditional religions

9 The Empire of Songhai Europeans began rapidly establishing trade centers on the coast which threatened the N. African trade partners of the Songhai The king of Morocco sent an army armed with cannons and muskets to regain access to the gold in the area The Songhai hadn’t developed firearms and were defeated

10 Europeans gain power in W. Africa
With their army defeated the Songhai Empire fell apart There was no government powerful enough to intervene when Europeans and kingdoms of the Guinea Coast became more interested in the slave trade than gold

11 Assignment 1. What were the three empires of W. Africa?
2. How and why was Timbuktu a major center of trade and cultural exchange? 3. What was the source of these West African civilizations wealth? 4. What did they trade? 5. Explain how Europeans came to dominate the trade of West Africa?

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