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LifeSize ® Control ™ 4.0 Regain Control of your Video Communications Network.

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1 LifeSize ® Control ™ 4.0 Regain Control of your Video Communications Network

2 © LifeSize Communications 2009 2 Introducing LifeSize Control 4.0 Powerful Management, Simplified Control Manage multi-vendor video environments Integrate directly with Microsoft Exchange – no patches, no plug-ins Schedule video resources – automatically – with Control Smart Scheduler Uniquely, seamlessly integrates into enterprise IT environment

3 © LifeSize Communications 2009 3 Video Systems Room 200 Express Interoperability Multipoint Multipoint Extension Recording Streaming Desktop Users FW/NAT Connectivity Transit Gateway Control Management Networker ISDN Connectivity H.320 ISDN LifeSize Video System Environment

4 © LifeSize Communications 2009 4 LifeSize ® Control ™ LifeSize Control – robust, reliable video network management is now even better Quality of Experience  Enhanced easy to use interface  Smart Scheduler makes scheduling video calls easy and automatic Unique Flexibility  The first management system to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Exchange for easy meeting scheduling through Microsoft Outlook  Open platform allows management and control of heterogeneous environments Unmatched price performance  No additional equipment required, no hidden costs  Scalable to grow as your video network grows

5 © LifeSize Communications 2009 5 LifeSize ® Control ™ Enhanced Quality of Experience Easy to use IT interface  At-a-glance dashboard of device status  Dynamic alarms, events and alerts Smart Scheduler enables end users to schedule video resources from their PC  Simultaneous scheduling of room and video system with automatic resource allocation  Leverages common scheduling process for minimal training  Empower the end user, maintain IT control

6 © LifeSize Communications 2009 6 LifeSize ® Control ™ Unique Flexibility and Integration Seamless, direct Microsoft Exchange integration  No Exchange patches required  No Outlook plug-ins required  Book meetings with any device that supports Exchange Multivendor support easily integrates into any environment  Endpoint and infrastructure agnostic  Multi protocol support

7 © LifeSize Communications 2009 7 LifeSize ® Control ™ Unmatched Price Performance No hidden costs  No additional software modules required  Easily integrates into existing environment Scalable to support your video network expansion  Track and report system usage statistics for network expansion planning  Scales to manage your growing video network

8 © LifeSize Communications 2009 8 The LifeSize Experience Robust Infrastructure Systems Standards-based, Open Management HD Video Communications and Telepresence LifeSize. Experience Communication in High Definition. LifeSize ® Control ™

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