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1670 REMOTE FIRING DEVICE ROTHENBUHLER ENGINEERING P.0. BOX 708 524 RHODES ROAD SEDRO WOOLLEY, WA 98284 8/2006 ©2006 Rothenbuhler Engineering All Rights reserved

3 1670 Highlights: ·        Up to 8 Remotes ·        Electric and Shock Tube Outputs ·        Surface Mines OR Underground via Leaky Feeder ·        Two-Way Status Communication ·        Up to 5 Mile Range ·        Unique System ID Codes ·        Safety Poll  Communications Check ·        Electronic Keys ·        External Programming and Option Port ·        Remote Battery Status Check ·        4 Hour Battery Charge ·        Emergency shutdown ·        Tag Board Check Compatible ·        Vibration and Shock Mounted Electronics ·        Weather Proof Cases

4 Install the Controller’s Antenna

5 Install the Remote’s Antenna

6 Turn on the Remote Unit

7 Select the ELECTRIC DETONATOR or SHOCK TUBE fire circuit.

8 With the green READY light on, connect the firing line.

9 Insert the Electronic Key
Insert the Electronic Key. The yellow light next to the Key begins flashing.

10 Turn on the Controller Unit. The BATTERY should be at least 40%.

11 Insert the Electronic Key and Select the Remote Units to be fired.

12 Perform a STATUS check to verify your communication links.

13 Green READY on steady. Yellow Battery on and not flashing.

14 Arm the SELECTED Remotes. Allow 15 seconds for units to arm.

15 FIRE at the appropriate time

16 The green READY light should come on steady for each Remote Unit.

17 To manually check status, press the STATUS switch at any time.

18 To manually disarm, press the DISARM switch at any time.

19 In a PANIC situation, remove the Controller Key to disarm all Remotes.

20 Turn OFF the Controller.

21 Remove the Controller’s Key.

22 Model 1670 Basic Operation Summary Page REMOTE:   1)   Attach Antenna to Remote. 2)   Turn on Power. 3)   Check for Green Ready Light on Remote. 4)   Check Battery Level - above Volts. 5)   Connect the firing cable or shock tube. 6)   Insert the electronic Key. 7)   Close the lid. Repeat for remaining Remotes.   CONTROLLER: 1)   Attach the Antenna to Controller. 2)   Turn on the Controller. 3)   Ensure the Battery is at least 40% charged. 4)   Insert the Electronic Key and select the units for firing with the SELECT switches. 5)   Push Status, Check for Solid Green Ready Lights Ready?   6)   Give Alarms or Warnings At 30 second mark:   7)   Check Status – Solid Green READY? 8)   ARM selected Remotes 9)   Wait for Solid Red ARMED lights 10)               Give final warning 11)               Check Status – Solid Red ARMED? 12)               FIRE 13)               Wait for Solid Green READY, Turn off power. Remove the electronic keys.


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