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The Role of Trees in Our Environment

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1 The Role of Trees in Our Environment
By: Jenni Reaves July 31, 2001

2 Trees By: Joyce Kilmer

3 The Significance of Trees
An archive of the past The circle of life Cultural appreciation

4 What does a tree mean to you?

5 The Importance of Trees
wind barriers filtration biodiversity shade erosion control decreases noise pollution

6 The Living Landscape Rural Suburban Urban

7 How do you value trees in rural environments?

8 Benefits of Trees in the Rural Environment
Wind protection for crops Erosion control Creates diverse plant and animal habitats Purifies the air absorbing carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide

9 The Rural Setting Preserving habitat - Black River Preserve
- Green Swamp Preserve N.C. Farmland Preservation Program - Maryland and Pennsylvania

10 Cont.. Rural Setting Creek Restoration
-Programs initiated by various governmental and non-profit organizations Before After

11 How do trees function in suburban environments?

12 Benefits of Trees in Suburban Environments
Shade canopy Building Ecology Noise Buffers Habitat for suburban wildlife

13 The Suburban Portrait Sustainable development New Urbanism
- Vermillion; Charlotte, N.C. - Davidson, N.C.

14 What are the components that make an urban tree unique to it’s environment?

15 Benefits of Trees in Urban Environments
Tree muffle urban noise. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year. Trees help cleanse the air. Trees can be cool! Energy savers and windbreakers.

16 Urban Setting -revitalization -ordinances Community involvement
Planning -revitalization -ordinances Community involvement

17 Seattle, WA Environmental Liability Environmental Amenity

18 Environmental Education is the Key
Investigate programs in your community - Project Learning Tree - Project WILD - Adopt A Tree

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