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Cyril Ovely CTO Vxceed Technologies FZ LLC

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1 Cyril Ovely CTO Vxceed Technologies FZ LLC
RFID Case Studies Cyril Ovely CTO Vxceed Technologies FZ LLC

2 Agenda RFID Technology adoption issues Case Studies
Solution Architecture Vxceed

3 RFID adoption issues- Reliability
Tags not robust, reliable and tamperproof = savings disappear Concurrency Tag alignment Read rates Fixing of tags Nature of product and packaging Environment

4 RFID adoption issues- IT cost
True cost of adoption is not so apparent at first. Cost of ERP upgrades, Integration both EAI and partner integration, server and network infrastructure, data management, setup and management of distributed reader network Who pays?

5 RFID adoption issues- ROI
Some Positive ROI industries and application areas: apparel retail, automobile, Parma, CPG suppliers. Retailers (Apparel) Improve Customer service Decrease top-line losses (5-15%) Locate mislaid products, deter theft Personalized sales pitches in dressing room kiosks Decrease checkout labor

6 RFID adoption issues- ROI
CPG suppliers Visibility of inventory and raw material flows reduce costs Warehouse labor costs reduction through efficient receiving, shipping and exception handling Vendor managed inventory to reduce stock out and inventory costs Products tagged in factories can be tracked in supply-chain

7 Case Studies

8 Pastalini Foods Pasta manufacturing and repackaging Goals
Real time visibility of inventory and Raw materials Automated receiving and shipping Location of SKU’s in warehouse Fork lift drivers are to be guided in picking and placement. (FIFO) Full integration with ERP system

9 Pastalini Foods Pilot tagging of pallets is sufficient but do we have a strong business case, ROI? Problem area split into two parts Warehouse receiving, put-away and picking Real time inventory Pilot project involved tagging of all warehouse locations with tags embedded into floor and fork lift mounted reader and mounted wireless PDT with barcode scanner.

10 Pastalini Foods



13 Al Dobowi  Group Sole Distributor of tires Pirelli, Hankook and rethreading of tires Parallel imports eroding profits, brand Warranty claims Automated shipping


15 Large Container Company
Container and rail wagon tracking Combined technology solution Active RFID Tags on all wagon chassis loaded with containers 3rd party GPS Tag on 1 wagon chassis per train consist RFID Reader Infrastructure at Terminals Only Custom Data collation platform and Asset Management System

16 Large Container Company
Alerts: * * Pager Web Browser - Rake Build-Up - Container Loading - Train Out - Train In - Container Unloading - Rake Disassembly At The Terminals: Web Server / Web Services AMS associates containers, wagons & trains to provide combined tracking events Asset Management System Tracking by RFID - RFID on each Wagon Chassis - Container association to wagon - Wagon association to train - Train association to route Data collation Platform Integrates real-time RFID & GPS/GSM GPS/GSM Location HH RFID GSM Hand-Held Reader RFID Tag - battery powered GSM Tag - battery powered Service HH HH RFID RFID RFID GPS/GSM RFID RFID Mumbai Terminal RFID Tracking Tracking by GPS/GSM tag Delhi Terminal RFID Tracking - Single GPS/GSM Tag on single wagon chassis Association of single wagon to train provides implied location of all containers. - Periodic location update by GPS/GSM id.

17 Other- Work in progress
Battery Manufacturer Manufacture of car and truck batteries Product tracking through supply chain Large transportation company Transportation and Vehicle reseller Tracking of 3000 buses during Hajj A global airline Automated billing for Chauffer drive service

18 Solution Architecture


20 Vxceed’s offerings Hands-on experience in real world RFID
Product and environment analysis Hardware evaluation and procurement Selection of scalable architecture model Plan and execute a replicable Pilot Implementation and Integration to ERP Post implementation support

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