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South Coast Rail Project February 28, 2014 Stoughton Town Hall.

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1 South Coast Rail Project February 28, 2014 Stoughton Town Hall

2 Stoughton Center Redevelopment Principles Make the Center a Destination for Housing, Shopping, Entertainment & Dining Provide the Physical Infrastructure & Governmental Support to Revitalize the Center Improve Road Layout to Reduce or Eliminate Congestion Preserve & Revive the Downtown to its Historical Characteristics Preserve and Expand Open Space in Town Center

3 Stoughton Center Revive Downtown Reduce Congestion Additional Public Parking Destination location

4 State Policy Actions South Coast Rail Corridor Plan Executive Summary June 2009

5 Create great places at the station areas Use discretionary State Funding flowing to municipalities Steer the State’s own direct investments Provide technical assistance to expand affordable housing opportunity Create a regional transfer-of-development rights program to steer away from sensitive sites and into areas for development Consider retaining a portion of the value created by transportation investment

6 MassDOT Proposed Train Station

7  Not within the Towns economic development vision  Could contribute to the further degradation to the Town Center  Relocation of station to North of present site is essential for Town Center revitalization

8 Impact of MassDOT’s Proposed Station *Residential Neighborhoods *Traffic Patterns *School Bus Routes *Commercial Buildings *Noise Pollution *Aesthetics

9 Stoughton Proposal Joint Partnership with Mass DOT to develop a stop at the present Police Station for depressed rail.

10 Street Crossings 8 Street Crossings 4 Private/driveway Crossings Est 40 of trains per day Est 1,120 horns sounded per day

11 At-Grade Crossings  Morton Street  Plain Street  Brock Street  Wyman Street  Porter Street  School Street  Simpson Street  Central Street  Four Driveway Crossings

12 Children-At-Risk Crossings  Central Street (traffic exceeds 27,000 adt.)  Brock Street  School Street  Porter Street  Simpson Street Each of these crossings have hundreds of kids crossing them each day Proposed fencing could trap kids within the railway right-of-way

13 Central St. East North West

14 Brock St. West North East

15 School St. West North East

16 Porter St. West East North

17 Simpson St. East West North

18 Wyman St. West North East

19 Plain St. West North East

20 Morton St. East West North

21 1521 Washington St. Medeiros, Dennis & Diane East North

22 1551/1561 Washington St. Dowd, Arthur D. Jr. East North

23 1801, 1821, & 1823 Washington St. Common Drive – Totman, Malloy, Nardi EastWest

24 1651 Washington St. Welch Memorial Fish & Game Preserve EastNorth

25 Town’s Proposal

26 Police Station Lot

27 Stoughton’s Contribution  Town will provide the use of the land (1.58ac)  Town will relocate the Police Station  Town will share construction cost and operation of the garage  Town will invest in infrastructure improvements in Town Center to help build ridership

28 Police Station Site Existing Conditions  3 Lots (2 Town owned / 1 Privately owned)  Mostly Impervious Area  Direct Access to Rail Line  Centrally Located  Demolition of only one Town Owned building  No wetland resource areas on site

29 Police Station Lot Proposed Depressed Rail  Minimal Residential / Commercial Loss  Provide Parking for the Center  Promote Downtown Growth  Minimal project area impact  Proposed retail area  Stimulates Transit Oriented Development  Reduced Stormwater Runoff

30 Benefits to a Depressed Rail  Maximizes Pedestrian Safety (4 primary grade crossings utilized by children)  Not all trains will be stopping  Reduce Congestion  Minimal Interference in Traffic & School routes  Diminishes Noise Pollution

31 Proposed Parking Garage Up to 800 parking spaces without ground floor retail, 600 spots with ground floor retail Estimated cost of the Parking Garage $12-15 Million (includes demolition and site development) Estimated Yearly Revenue $350, 000- $500,000 (60% occupancy and current DOT pricing in other facilities)

32 Benefits of the Partnership Win-Win for MassDOT and Stoughton Meets DOT primary motives Consistent with Town Vision Economic Benefit to everyone

33 Summary This proposal: 1. Partners Local and State Governments for the public good 2. Meets vision outlined in Executive Order 525 3. Ensures pedestrian and traffic safety 4. Supports sustainable development 5. Maximizes Transit Oriented Development 6. Targets State infrastructure development in the downtown 7. Minimizes environmental and wetlands impact

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