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Resources for Europe Stockholm February 2 2010.

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1 Resources for Europe Stockholm February 2 2010


3 Resources

4 The backbone of railway transport in Northern Europe Primary industry of Northern Europe European economy Growth and potential growth Lack of capacity a great threat

5 Major supplier to the rest of Europe

6 The primary mining area in the European Union Strong connections between raw material, refined product and the market 90% of the EU’s total supply of iron ore is extracted in Norrbotten Great growth potential, mine production will be doubled or tripled



9 Boliden copper and zinc for Europe

10 LKAB - supplying Europe with iron ore

11 Forestry – the green gold Growth > logging 12% of goods exports 20% of industrial investments 80% of the export goes to Europe

12 SCA forestry supply chain

13 Significant impact Gross regional product - Sweden 53 000 eur/cap - North Sweden 70 000 eur/cap Growth rate 2001-2006 - Sweden 11,9 % - North Sweden17,3 % Net exports - Sweden 1400 eur/cap - North Sweden 5800 eur/cap Tourism is a growing sector

14 International freight demand



17 Population concentration in coastal areas

18 Passenger transport Competence Regional growth Tourism industry Travel times Umeå- Luleå –Car –Plane –Train –New train

19 Increasing transport need Increased traffic of 24-40% between 2000-2005 Predicted increase of freight traffic amounts to 50%

20 Green Cargo capacity analysis Current infrastructure allows less than 5% increase in traffic

21 What is required? Major investments needed along the entire Bothnian Corridor as soon as 2013-2015 if the development of the businesses is not to be inhibited. The Bothnia Line will be completed 2010, the first section of the Ådal Line 2011 and the Haparanda Line 2012. The Swedish National Rail Administration has identified 4 major projects remaining in the long term planning for the Bothnian Corridor; − The North Bothnia Line, − The Ådal Line section two − Double track on the East Coast Line − Double track on the stretch Motala- Hallsberg.

22 Financing Confirmed national investment –Finland € 2.5 billion –Sweden € 3.3 billion Further € 5-7 billion required by 2020 The Bothnian corridor investment is equivalent to 17 weeks of industrial production in the region

23 TEN-T Integration of different parts of Europe Environmentally friendly transports (railway) and intermodal transports Raw material supply within EU for the competitiveness (COM (2008) 699) Connections to third countries Cross-border traffic

24 The missing link between the Nordic Triangle and Northern Axis

25 Related activities & initiatives EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region European Rail Network for Competitive Freight (regulation proposal) The Northern Dimension Partnership on Transport and Logistics The Raw Materials Initiative-Meeting our critical needs for growth and jobs in Europe The Green Corridor initiative


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