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Access to Intermodal Supply Chain Networks

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1 Access to Intermodal Supply Chain Networks
Igoumenitsa’s Case Konstantinos Grinias Development Director

2 TEN-T Core Network The Core Network will:
connect 83 major European Ports. connect 37 major European Airports. include km high speed rail network. include 35 major cross-border projects to reduce traffic congestion. include 4 Greek ports (Pireaus, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa, Patras)

3 TEN-T « Metro lines »

4 Motorways of the Sea Master plan”
Demand flows in the area (2015) – “Elaboration of the East Mediterranean Motorways of the Sea Master plan”

5 Estimated Maritime flows (2015) “Elaboration of the East Mediterranean
Motorways of the Sea Master plan”

6 EAST MED Intermodal Corridors “Elaboration of the East Mediterranean
Motorways of the Sea Master plan” The maritime-based corridors: The Black Sea Eurasian land-bridge corridor The Black Sea-Aegean North-South corridor The Adriatic-Ionian corridor The North Africa-Europe corridor The North Africa- Middle East corridor The Middle East- Europe corridor

7 Port Clusters “Elaboration of the East Mediterranean
Motorways of the Sea Master plan”

8 Existing Maritime Services

9 Existing maritime links between catchment areas
of Ionian Sea & North Adriatic ports clusters

10 Igoumenitsa – Shangai (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe Economic & Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific)

11 Egnatia Odos Transport Corridor

12 Egnatia Odos Transport Corridor
Pan European Road Network System 11 November 2011 K. GRINIAS

13 Possible Future Connections Igoumenitsa - Toulon

14 Possible Future Connections Igoumenitsa – West Balkans

15 Ionian Odos Transport Corridor

16 Motorway of Central Greece
E-65 Transport Corridor Motorway of Central Greece

The Port Phase A’ PHASE A’ INFRASTRUCTURES Port Land area: 130,000 m2 1 Land Area: 80,000 m2 2 Twelve (12) piers 3 Berth Length: 781 m 4 Canal: 1,500 m length - width 100 m - depth 10 m 5 Central Passengers Terminal Building: 6,326 m2 6 Fire Station Building: 612 m2 7

The Port Phase B’ (Under Construction) Phase A’ PHASE B’ INFRASTRUCTURES Port Land area: 118,000 m2 1 One (1) finger pier m length 2 New pier: berth 371 m length / m depth 3 Canal: length 1,700 m / width 170 m / depth 10.5 m 4 Passengers Terminal 2nd Building : 3,040 m2 5 Passengers Terminal 3rd Building (Extra Schengen): 2,324 m2 6

The Port PHASE B’ PHASE A’ PHASE C’ INFRASTRUCTURES Two (2) berths for Ro-Ro/Ro-Pax ships 1 Two (2) Finger piers 198 m each 2 PHASE C’ One (1) berth for Railway connection (Ra-Ra) 93 m 3 One (1) cargo terminal 2,013 m2 4 Total Land Area: 90,000 m2 5

20 The Port Of Igoumenitsa
Old Port Domestic Destinations Port New Port (Phase A’) C’ Phase Future Investments B’ Phase Construction Works Egnatia Odos Motorway

21 ADRIAMOS Title Physical Planning for bipolar Freight Village
Feasibility study Master Plan – Phase I & Phase II Transport study Urban Planning Study – Phase I & Phase II Strategic Environmental Impact Analysis (SEIA) – Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA) Business Plan - Investment Plan, Source of funding, Time schedule of implementation Design of Freight Village

22 Thank you for your attention!

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