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Ministry of Regional Development MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT 14 Ministerial Conference of European Conference of Ministers Responsible.

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1 Ministry of Regional Development MINISTRY OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT 14 Ministerial Conference of European Conference of Ministers Responsible for Spataial/Regional Planning CEMAT “Networks for sustainable spatial development of the European continent: Bridges over Europe” Lisbon (Portugal) 26-27 October 2006 Jerzy Kwieciński Bogumiła Olkowska Central European Transport Corridor – establishment of a regional cooperation network in Europe

2 Ministry of Regional Development Accession of Central and Eastern Europe states to the European Union The expected dynamic economic growth of the Baltic Region states Search of new markets by the developed Skandinavian regions Possibilities of a more intensive use of the shortest ferry connection via the Baltic Sea The need to maintain the significance of Polish ports in Szczecin and Świnoujście Beneficial conditions for the development of multimodal transport and establishment of a balanced transport system The need to balance the east-west communication systems with north-south connections The need to boost the economic development of the area situated along the Oder and further to the south Premises of the initiative

3 Ministry of Regional Development The Central European Transport Corridor

4 Ministry of Regional Development Skåne, Sweden Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, Poland Lubuskie Voivodship, Poland Dolnośląskie Voivodship, Poland Hradeckokralovy Region, the Czech Republic Bratislavsky Samospravni Region, the Slovak Republic CETC is an initiative of six regions

5 Ministry of Regional Development Interregional agreement on establishing Central European Transport Corridor was signed on 6 April 2004 in Szczecin Aim: Establishment, through joint activities, favourable transport and development conditions for the Central European Transport Corridor, benefiting the regions – Parties to the Agreement – and their citizens. Parties to the Agreement: Region Skania, Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, Lubuskie Voivodship, Dolnośląskie Voivodship, Region Hradec Kralove, Region Bratislawa. Coordinating body: Interregional Streering Committee. The Agreement was concluded for an undetermined period. The Agreement is open for other regions situated in the area of the Central European Transport Corridor. The organizational service is provided by the Technical Secretariat CETC in Szczecin.

6 Ministry of Regional Development Pan-European Transport Corridors and the CETC

7 Ministry of Regional Development CETC influence area

8 Ministry of Regional Development Programme aims and assumptions of the CETC Initiative  Creating an area of infrastructure connections, in particular transport and economic connections  Stimulation of the economic growth in the regional and local aspect providing a sustainable development of the regions in the CETC area  Strenthening the spatial and social competitiveness of the CETC area in comparison to the neighbouring areas  Development of interregional cooperation in the scope of higher education, development planning and promotion of regions and regional initiatives  Promotion and development of intermodal sea-land and land transport connections  Modernization of the transport infrastructure; promotion of more environment- friendly rail transport  Development of sea and land tourism

9 Ministry of Regional Development Development of economic and scientific cooperation of states and regions within the scope of CETC influence and coordination of spatial planning Creation of fast development zones on the basis of endogenic resources of the regions and the CETC communication connections Creation of a balanced, universally accessible and integrated transport system – competitive for the parallel north-south connections Future plans Now – „Blue Banana” and in the future – „Orange Banana”(?)

10 Ministry of Regional Development  2001 and later – initial interregional arrangements, working contacts between the regions  April 2004 – signing the Interregional Agreement on Establishing the Central European Transport Corridor by representatives of 6 regions  2005 – establishing the framework of regions’ cooperation, the CETC Initiative Steering Committee action plan, and the principles of financing the CETC Technical Secretariat; the CETC support for the A-B Landbridge Project (permanent railway connection Adriatic Sea-Baltic Sea)  May 2006 – the Region of Györ-Moson-Sopron in Hungary announces its candidacy for the member of the Agreement; Zagreb (Croatia) expresses its interest  September 2006 – approval of the Framework Program of Actions of CETC Partners – a document for the European Commission containing a proposal of undertaking an international research project financed by the EU; in the meeting of the Steering Committee the representative of Region Jihoczeski Kraj (the Czech Republic) took part Until 8 September 2006 ten meetings of the Steering Committee took place, in 5 regions belonging to the Interregional Agreement. Development of the CETC Initiative

11 Ministry of Regional Development Investment priorities for the years 2007-2013 in Poland Building and modernization of the European road E65 (in Poland – the express road S3 Świnoujście-Lubawka) and its connections with other roads with an overregional and international significance Modernization of north-south railway lines, airports, the project of reconstruction of navigation infrastructure on the Oder river Moving part of the cargo transport from roads to intermodal sea-land connections, with a greater use of railway Building and extending the enterprise development zones along the main communication routes and routes connected with them

12 Ministry of Regional Development Thank you for your attention. Ministry of Regional Development Wspolna 2/4 00-926 Warsaw POLAND

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