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TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 ARP & RARP ARP & RARP 2005. 3. 16( 화 ) 이 병 희

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1 TCP/IP Illustrated Vol 1 ARP & RARP ARP & RARP 2005. 3. 16( 화 ) 이 병 희

2 Introduction  When an Ethernet frame is sent from one host on the LAN to another  The device driver never looks at the destination address in the IP datagram  Address resolution need to map IP address to MAC address  ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) provides a mapping between the two different forms of address RARPRARP ARPARP 42-bit Ethernet address 32-bit Internet address

3 Example ARP with FTP FTP resolver TCP IP ARP Ethernet Driver ARP IP TCP %ftp Hostname send IP datagram to IP address Hostname IP address establish connection with IP address ARP Cache DNS Cache ARP Request (Ethernet broadcast) ARP Reply

4 ARP Packet Format 28 byte ARP request/replyEthernet header 266 ARP Packet frame type Ethernet Src addr Ethernet Dest addr 2464611 target IP addr target Ethernet addr sender IP addr sender Ethernet addr op prot size hard size prot type 22 hard type frame type is 0x806 for an ARP request or an ARP reply op field – 1 : ARP request 2 : ARP reply 3 : RARP request 4 : RARP reply

5 ARP Request and Reply bsdi % telnet svr4 discard Trying… Connected to svr4. Escape character is ‘^]’. ^] telnet> quit Connection closed bsdi % tcpdump –e 1 0.00:0:c0:6f:2d:40 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff arp 60: arp who-has svr4 tell bsdi 2 0.002174 (0.0022)0:0:c0:c2:9b:26 0:0:c0:6f:2d:40 arp 60: arp reply svr4 is-at 0:0:c0:c2:9b:26 3 0.002831 (0.007)0:0:c0:6f:2d:40 0:0:c0:c2:9b:26 ip 60: bsdi.1030 > svr4.discard: s 596459521:596459521 (0) win 4096 [tos 0x10] 4 0.007834 (0.0050)0:0:c0:c2:9b:26 0:0:c0:6f:2d:40 ip 60: svr4.discard > bsdi.1030: s 3562228255 : 3562228225 (0) ack 596459522 win 4096 5 0.009615 (0.0018)0:0:c0:6f:2d:40 0:0:c0:c2:9b:26 ip 60: bsdi.1030 > svr4.discard:. ack 1 win 4096 [tos 0x10]

6 Proxy ARP  Router answer ARP request on one of its network for a host on another of its network gemini svr4sunbsdislip SLIP (dialup) Ethernet,subnet 140.252.1 Ethernet 140.252.13 SLIP.35.33.34 netb modem ARP request for ARP reply Act as proxy ARP agent gemini % arp –a netb ( at 0:80:ad:3:6a:80 sun ( at 0:80:ad:3:6a:80

7 Gratuitous ARP  When a host looking for its own IP address  It is usually done when the interface is configured at bootstrap time  If another host is already configured with the same IP address  Not expecting a reply to ARP request  If a reply is received, the error message is logged on the console 0.00:0:c0:6f:2d:40 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff: arp 60: arp who-has tell

8 RARP  Principle of RARP  Get IP address in diskless system by using RARP request and reply  RARP Packet Format  Almost identical to an ARP packet  Frame type field : 0x8035  Op type : “3” for request and “4” for reply sun host bsdi RARP request (Ethernet Broadcast) RARP reply RARP Server

9 RARP Examples  RARP Request and Reply  If there is no RARP server on the network, the request retransmitted with different timeout interval Bsdi % tcpdump –e 1 0.08:0:20:3:f6:42 ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff arp 60: rarp who-is 8:0:20:3:f6:42 tell 8:0:20:3:f6:42 20.13 (0.13)0:0:c0:6f:2d:40 8:0:20:3:f6:42 rarp 42: rarp reply 8:0:20:3:f6:42 at sun 30.14 (0.01)8:0:20:3:f6:42 0:0:c0:6f:2d:40 ip 65: sun.26999 > bsdi.tftp: 23 RRQ “8CFC0D21.SUN4C”

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