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Sergeant at Arms Club Officer Training

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1 Sergeant at Arms Club Officer Training
Jason Finks ACB, ALB

2 Overview Big Picture of Toastmasters
How does the Sergeant at Arms (SAA) contribute to club success? SAA Roles, Responsibilities & Resources Before, During & After Meetings The Executive Committee What To Do Next

3 Session Objectives After this session, you should be able to…
Describe your functions and responsibilities within the club as part of the club executive committee Find resources that help Identify opportunities beyond the club

4 The Club Mission To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment To provide opportunities to develop oral communication and leadership skills To foster self-confidence and personal growth

5 The Big Picture Members determine their personal goals
Clubs match those goals with club goals Clubs are supported by a hierarchy of other experienced Toastmasters

6 Anatomy of a Club

7 SAA Role Discussion Questions
What is the essence of the SAA role in your opinion? What does your former club SAA do that you would like to continue? What could use improvement? Roles & Responsibilities: club property, coordinate & prepare meeting site, welcome those attending, gavel-in meetings

8 Origins & The Modern SAA
bodyguards, armed enforcers From Latin for: servant Modern Times-used in formal groups to: Keep order, maintain security Help visitors & control access Perform ceremonial roles Care for ceremonial items Origins: thought by some to have originated in Roman times, fist literary use 13th century, in medieval times, SAA were armed attendants to rulers, or armed to maintain order in a group, body guards, protective duties The word sergeant is thought to come from a latin word that means to serve. Modern: In legislative bodies the SAA is typical charged with: keeping order, care of ceremonial items, security, some administrative tasks, helping visitors, ceremonial roles, committee responsibilities, access control, to assist with practical operational details

9 SAA Definition “The sergeant at arms is responsible for club property management, meeting room preparation, and hospitality. The sergeant at arms chairs the social and reception committee.”* *From the Club Constitution and Standard Bylaws of Toastmasters International

10 SAA Responsibilities We’ll discuss thing you should consider doing before, during, after and between you club meetings.

11 Before Club Meetings Reserve and confirm meeting location.
Ensure there are club supplies. Set up room, equipment and banner. Greet members and guests. Arrange for guests to sit with members. Escort visiting officers to the club president. Have a plan for late arrivals. Ensure the meeting starts on time.

12 During Club Meetings Welcome late arrivals & help them find a place to sit. Coordinate food service, if any. Collect ballots and tally votes for awards. Be prepared to serve as a functionary.

13 After Club Meetings Return room to original configuration.
Check supply inventories. If inventory is low, ask to order more. Ensure equipment is in working order. Pack up and store materials & property. Clean-up.

14 Between Meetings Attend executive committee meetings.
Arrange for a replacement if absent. Arrange for food service when needed. Participate in club committees as needed. Serve as a mentor as needed. Schedule meeting location. Check the club timeline (Club Leadership Handbook, p.18). Prepare your successor. Time line starts on page 18 of CLH

15 The Club Timeline

16 Special Events Club Speech Contests Membership Drives & Events
Officer Elections & Inductions Discuss some of the responsibilities associated with special events

17 The Executive Committee
Creates a club budget Completes a Club Success Plan (DCP goals) Creates and oversees committees CLH p.11 Distinguished Club Program

18 Executive Committee - Your Responsibility
Update the executive committee on the club meeting space status. Work to coordinate meeting space. Chair social and reception committee. Replace items as needed.

19 Getting Started Review training materials.
Read Club Leadership Handbook p.40-42 Meet with previous SAA. Meet with executive committee. Introduce yourself to meeting space contacts. Recruit volunteers. Start the “Between Meetings” Checklist

20 Additional Resources Toastmasters International Website:
Governing Documents: Distinguished Club & Club Success: Distinguished Club Program Goals: Reports Dashboard: Ballots & Brief Evaluations: Club Leadership Manual: My contact information: Cell: (785)

21 More Opportunities District Training Events Conferences
Visit Other Clubs Speech Contests at Area, Division & District

22 Last Check Did you complete registration form?
Do you have your completion form? Did you share contact information? Any questions or comments? Thanks for attending.

23 This concludes the session.
Club Officer Training

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